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Why I Chose Homeopathy: My Road to Healing by Patricia Cardona

Why I Chose Homeopathy: My Road to Healing by Patricia Cardona

As a young girl, I wanted to study medicine. I was drawn to medical shows on TV and fascinated by anatomy, psychology, and specifically—pathophysiology. As I got older, I wanted to learn more about illnesses, their processes, and how to treat them. My friends began talking to me about their minor complaints, looking for answers on how to manage their issues. I enjoyed playing a sort of triage between advising over-the-counter remedies and visiting a doctor.

Eventually, I went to university, majored in psychology, and planned to go to medical
school. However, at the time, I did not have sufficient funds to pay for medical school
and all my living expenses. I was disheartened, but knew I wanted to be in the business of helping others. Allopathic medicine may have been my first choice, but this was before I began dabbling with alternative forms of medicine. I realized there were so many other ways I could accomplish this lifelong goal.

I began my search for the profession that would inspire me to pursue it. I looked at
many alternative types of medicine and spoke with several schools. As I did my
research, I began to see a pathway towards Homeopathy—everything about it appealed to me. It had scientific principles that satisfied the logical part of my brain. However, it also gave me the creative freedom to help others in an individualized manner, which allopathy did not offer. Once I decided Homeopathy was the path for me, I contacted a few schools to find the right fit.

After speaking with representatives from a couple of other institutions, I contacted the Canadian College of Homeopathy, formerly known as the Toronto School of
Homeopathic Medicine. I had the pleasure of speaking with the school’s registrar. Not only did she strengthen my desire to pursue a career in Homeopathy, but she imbued me with confidence that I had found the right school. I feel quite fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with great homeopaths, including the inspirational founder of the school, Raymond Edge. His soft-spoken demeanor was always calming and heartening. The knowledge I gained and the skills I learned gave me the tools to begin my practice.

It has been 14 years since I graduated and began working as a Homeopath. Since then, there is not a day that goes by I am not grateful for the knowledge I acquired and the inquisitiveness Homeopathy promotes. Treating patients with Homeopathy has fulfilled my desire to help others, in a respectful, holistic, and safe manner. In my general practice, I treat every age group and allow patients to voice all their concerns. I work in conjunction with my patients’ other medical professionals and sometimes in collaboration with them. Homeopathy has also allowed me to take control of my health and the health of my loved ones. Many of my friends and family have learned to treat acute illness with the first aid or acute remedies I gifted them. This means I am helping others, even when I am not physically doing it. Every day, Homeopathy makes someone’s life better and I am so grateful to play a small role in that miracle.

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