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Our Homeopathy and Health Sciences Diploma Program is an intensive, specialized course in homeopathic medicine, medical sciences and holistic nutrition. Our priority is to make available to the student all the knowledge, insight and experience necessary to become an excellent professional homeopath with a successful homeopathic practice.  Both the theoretical and clinical components adhere to, or exceed, the College of Homeopaths of Ontario’s entry-to-practice competencies.  This is also the only Homeopathic program in Canada that is accredited by ACHENA, which is the gold standard for homeopathic education in North America.  This program also meets the requirements that will allow you to write the Council of Homeopathic Certification exam.

H+HS E-Learning

H+HS E-Learning

Grad Review

"I honestly just love my whole learning experience at CCHM, I could not have chosen a better school. Initially, I was  intimidated about being a distant ed. student without having the ability to attend classes live. However, as a 3rd year student, I can confidently say that my education has been quite well-rounded and wholesome, yet flexible enough that I can dedicate time with my family, be a soccer mom, help my husband at work, and pursue my studies! This program has been extremely suitable for my needs, allowing me to do the work on my own time and schedule, at my leisure, without the usual pressure and deadlines.  

The Supervisors are fantastic. I am able to hand in my assignments with quick feedbacks allowing me to proceed further into the course without any delay. Any questions or concerns are answered promptly. 

The whole programme is tailored in a very systematic and simplistic approach, facilitating comprehension and analysis. Kudos to the authors of the in-house texts who have done an outstanding job with adhering to true Classical Homeopathic principles while conveying Hahnemann's message with remarkable fluency.

In second and third year, the Clinical Externship component gives us the opportunity to take on patients directly and put teachings into practice. This hands-on experience, with faculty guidance, has given me immense courage and eagerness to start my practice after graduation. 

I sincerely thank CCHM for giving me this opportunity to be a part of their student body. It has been an amazing journey, and the learning is truly invaluable. CCHM will always hold a special place in my heart."  

Karina B., Bangalore, India