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Careers In Homeopathy

  • Discover the World of Homeopathy with CCHM

    Discover the World of Homeopathy with CCHM

    Are you curious about homeopathy and its potential to transform lives? Whether you're a healthcare professional, an alternative therapist, or simply someone interested in natural healing, the Canadian College of...
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  • Homeopathy Specializations

    Homeopathy Specializations

    In the world of homeopathy, finding your niche area of expertise can not only elevate your career but also enable you to provide specialized care to your patients. Whether you are a homeopathy student, aspiring homeopath or an established practitioner, identifying your specialization is a crucial step in your journey. 
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  • Healing The Planet As a Homeopath

    Healing The Planet As a Homeopath

    A career in homeopathy not only offers a fulfilling path in healthcare but also brings about positive effects on the environment. As stewards of natural healing, homeopaths are inherently connected to eco-conscious practices.
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  • Finding Your Homeopathic Niche

    Finding Your Homeopathic Niche

    Homeopathy is a vast and diverse field of alternative medicine, offering a multitude of opportunities for practitioners to specialize and excel. Whether you're a current student at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM) or a practicing homeopath looking to expand your horizons, finding your homeopathic niche can be a rewarding journey.
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  • My Journey Into Homeopathy

    My Journey Into Homeopathy

    My journey towards homeopathy began, unknowingly, over 13 years ago. I was returning home from a trip from Thailand in 2010 quite ill with a bloated stomach and intestinal issues. I couldn’t...
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  • My First Year Of Practice

    My First Year Of Practice

    By Cate Morgan DCHM RAHom #121, CCHM Alumnus My first year in practice has been nothing short of amazing! I have met so many wonderful clients and it’s been a...
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