Homeopathic Programs

We offer a two-year professional training Homeopathy course, available online or in class, beginning in September and January of each year. This is an intensive, specialized program in homeopathic medicine. Our priority is to make available to you, all the knowledge, insight and experience you need to acheive success in practice as a Professional Homeopath. This course is receognized by the College of Homeopaths of Ontario, accredited by ACHENA, and features our unique two-part clinical training.
This is a special accelerated course tailored for doctors (MD, DC, ND, DO), nurses, and other practitioners. The Homeopathic Diploma Course for Physicians provides a comprehensive training in the principles, philosophy, materia medica, repertory and practice methodology of classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy with the emphasis on clinical proficiency. The program may be completed over two academic years.
Clinical mastery is a goal all homeopaths aspire to but many find difficult to achieve. The purpose of this course is to inspire confidence and increase your success in the consulting room, as well as provide an anchor for newer practitioners. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own difficult cases for assistance.
Discovering Homeopathy is an introductory home-study certificate course in Classical Homeopathy designed for those wishing to learn the fundamentals of treating disease naturally and effectively. A certificate is awarded upon completion if the student decides not to proceed with further studies at the school.
If you wish to study Homeopathy to a professional level but live some distance from our college, the Professional Distance-Education Program was developed to meet your needs. You will study Homeopathy, Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, and Pathophysiology, and will complete Clinical Internship and Externship components in both Intermediate & Advanced Levels.