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What Is Homeopathy

What Is Homeopathy

What Is Homeopathy

Getting To The Root

A lot of people think they know what homeopathy is. They think it’s just a natural medicine, but homeopathy is a new medicine, practiced by medical Dr’s for over 200 years, because it is the science that makes the most sense.

Today there are many different ways that homeopathy is being used. What attracted me to homeopathy, was my deepest desire to find out the cause of chronic diseases.

In conventional medicine, we have done a lot to identify the cause of infectious disease. We have been able to identify viruses, fungus, bacteria, and successfully treat and eradicate a lot of infectious diseases. But when it came to chronic diseases, we haven’t done much beyond treating the symptoms.

I always had that desire through medical school and working through specializations to determine what is causing chronic diseases. When I went through acupuncture and naturopathic medicine, I discovered homeopathy and really fell in love with it because I found that finally there is a system that is really looking at the root cause of disease. And what I mean by the root cause is that Homeopathy is that one system that recognizes very deeply that human beings are one integrated system. We are: Physical beings, Emotional beings, Intellectual beings, Spiritual beings.

In homeopathic medicine, we give value to every single aspect of the human being. We look at everything that a person is suffering from at all those levels, and then we try to find out what is the common link between the different symptoms of the patient. We then look to identify something in nature that is the cure to that one common thing.

For me, Homeopathy is like looking at a tree and recognizing that a tree has a lot of different branches. Likewise, human beings have a lot of different symptoms. The homeopathic concept is to recognize that all of those symptoms are very deeply connected. They are like the different branches of a tree. We need to find out what is giving rise to those branches. Which is to believe there is a common trunk. And if we identify what the trunk is, and can identify the best way to eliminate the trunk, then we can treat the whole being.