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The Future of Homeopathy in Ontario As I See It – by Kerri Flood current V.P. of the Council of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario (CHO)

The Future of Homeopathy in Ontario As I See It –  by Kerri Flood current V.P. of the Council of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario (CHO)

As I see it Registered Homeopaths in Ontario have a very bright future.

It is a sad reality that as a society more people are struggling with their physical, mental and emotional health than ever before. Disease states have become increasingly complex and patient needs are not being met by conventional medical options.

We are also at a time when the largest population cohort in Ontario is approaching 50 years old and they are watching their Boomer parents age with conventional medical options that are failing to meet the needs of our seniors.

The above facts combined with the growing health consciousness of Ontarians and their willingness to spend more on healthcare means that there is an unprecedented opportunity for Registered Homeopaths in Ontario.

In order to make the most of the times in which we live and meaningfully contribute to the betterment of our society we as Registered Homeopaths in Ontario need to:

1.Become a stronger cohesive community with 

  • a strong regulatory college (College of Homeopaths of Ontario) ensuring that using the title of ‘Regulated Homeopath’ automatically communicates a healthcare professional that provides an elevated standard of care
  • a robust association that can advocate and lobby for Registered Homeopaths
  • exceptional educational institutions – like CCHM – that we can rely on to expand our knowledge and understanding of this fascinating medicine

2. Fully integrate into the fabric of healthcare in Ontario. Luckily the College of Homeopaths of Ontario is already working on this with a new strategy that is focused on establishing a stronger presence for Registered Homeopaths with the public, policymakers, and other healthcare professionals.

3. We as, individual practitioners, need to share more. We need to share more and connect with each other, but we also need to share more publicly about how much homeopathy can help people that are struggling.

During council elections, May 7th and 8th, please vote for the candidate in your area who sees what the future of homeopathy in Ontario can be and strives to ensure that Registered Homeopaths in Ontario are recognized as a vital part of Ontario’s healthcare system.

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