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All the Pieces of My Natural Health Journey Fell into Place

All the Pieces of My Natural Health Journey Fell into Place

From Samantha A., Arvada, CO

Sound health and wellness are one’s greatest asset. This has been the mantra of my 20s-the latter years serving as the gateway to my arrival to homeopathy. However, my trek to optimal health started earlier than I can remember; as a sickly child, stricken with digestive problems that led to many wailing, sleepless nights as an infant. As a child, I struggled with illnesses of the stomach, throat and lungs, joint pain, and frequent vomiting, often without an effective solution or treatment. In adolescent years, I battled with worsening pain of the joints, feeding troubles, anxiety, and skin problems, which all worsened in adulthood.

In my early 20s, I lived partially bedbound, frequently in and out of clinics and hospitals, and struggled to keep a stable job due to unexplained episodes of syncope and ongoing mobility problems. While facing my most challenging symptoms at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, with limited access to healthcare and other resources, I fought not to lose hope.

Natural healthcare entered my life during my darkest era. Fearing the worst, and deciding I had little to lose, I tried regenerative injections, strange supplements, exercise therapy, needling, therapeutic diets, and a plethora of other holistic methods. And, my body defied all odds when my health improved and continued to improve beyond my baseline level of wellness. My athletic abilities surpassed those without such ailments, blood testing showed perfect mineral and hormone levels, and the pain that once plagued my body became a distant memory. It was only then that it occurred to me how much wealth a person possesses when they are well.

Despite the variety of treatments I pursued, homeopathy did not find me until I had chosen to become a natural health practitioner myself. Even so, I first began studying herbal medicine at the age of 18, and periodically prescribed herbal remedies to family and friends. Later on, I studied energy healing and Reiki, and offered intuitive energy work to those close to me. And, after several years of working in healthcare, in the fall of 2023, I enrolled in a coaching program and became a certified Health Coach. 

Still, I sought a program that would teach me to evaluate a patient holistically and individually, and explored disciplines such as TCM, Acupuncture, nutritional therapy, and naturopathy. By chance, I came across an article on the power of homeopathy-a system I’d only heard of in passing, and often referred to as “quack medicine”, or a pseudoscientific cure-all. Hearing how effectively homeopathy healed many, I went on to read and learn everything about the practice, leading to the path of finding a homeopath to work with, and, ultimately, finding CCHM. This is where all the pieces of my natural health journey all fell into place; homeopathy is the system of medicine I was searching for. I’m drawn to homeopathy because it is at the intersection of so many vital health concepts-natural materials, in-depth patient consultations, and low, safe amounts of medicine. 

Homeopathy poses few risks, but offers extraordinary reward to those who embrace it. It’s a historic technique to heal, rather than mask, a vast range of symptoms. I want to practice homeopathy for the same reason people become doctors, dietitians, and physical therapists; I want to help people heal. But, unlike many practices in Western medicine, my passion lies with the patient-I want to help patients better understand their health and symptoms, and empower them to have a hand in treating themselves. As a homeopath, I will strive to serve as a counselor, a guide, a pharmacist, and a teacher-equipped with the power of natural remedies, and the centuries old teachings that homeopathy is built on. I’m thrilled to be studying at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. The online learning program provides an opportunity to study this precious practice of medicine while working in my local community. Thank you for including me in this exceptional school.

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