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1. Which accomplishment/event/moment are you most proud of in your career as a Homeopath? 

On a daily basis I am so fortunate to witness the wonderful outcomes of homeopathic medicine. I see patients healing and recovering from an illness or traumatic experience that has left one debilitated. It brings me such joy, when a patient is amazed with the relief homeopathy has offered them after having felt hopeless when traditional methods failed them. In my first year of practice,  I had an excellent case with a woman in her mid-sixties. She was a retired nurse and a skeptic of homeopathy. Her entire family came to see me so she thought to try it.  She was on antidepressants and had severe arthritis in her toes. Within a year, she was off her antidepressants and her pain had completely diminished.  She was amazed, especially since she couldn't remember the last time she didn't have pain.  Not only was she relieved, but she was able to see beyond the allopathic medical system for the first time. Being a homeopath gives you the tools to facilitate and help direct how a patient can heal themselves. 

2. What 3 aspects of your Homeopathic education contributed the most to your success?

First, is the foundation and this was rooted by studying philosophy. CCHM provides a wonderful curriculum in homeopathic philosophy intertwined with western philosophy. This is so vital as it lays groundwork and ideas.  At CCHM, the study of Hahnemann's Organon and the medical journals of the masters who practiced long before us, enables the student to begin with a focal point.  The brilliance of Hahnemann's work is that it discusses fundamental concepts that are only now being discussed in academic institutions today. The philosophy department at CCHM introduces the student to the brilliance of simplicity, yet intellectual wisdom that homeopathic medicine is so beautifully steeped in.

Second, are the teachers. The lecturers at CCHM create an academic environment which allows the student to be active and expressive. This environment encourages a student to use their mind and voice enabling the them to grow as an individual, which translates into a successful practitioner. The curriculum also offers lectures on how to listen. Listening is the most important trait in being a good homeopathic practitioner. These skills are demonstrated in clinical practice by the College's Homeopathic practitioners and lecturers when they treat patients.

Lastly are my colleagues. The relationships that were fostered during my time at the College have lasted far beyond. These relationships are not just purely social, but they are there to continue the dialogue to help and encourage with day-to-day difficulties that arise in a practice and with cases. 

3. Share with us a recent and successful case treated with Homeopathic Medicine. 

This is a recent case. A man, aged 41, with severe obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), gonorrhea, genital herpes and excessive sweating. When we first started he was on 4 doses of prozac a day.  His thoughts were persistent and his actions were ritualistic.  His home life as a young boy was riddled with verbal abuse. He had perspired profusely as a child and young adult. He had a fear of contracting a disease, only walking on certain parts of the road.  His diet was incredibly rigid to 2-3 items a day.  He would excessively bathe and had a fear of poverty. 

He was a tall muscularly fit man. His temperament was aggravated in hot and wet weather.  He had an aversion to most fruits and vegetables and would binge on fried and sweet foods only on the weekends. He was very thirsty. He would get burning feet and would have to sleep with his feet out of the covers and was generally tired in the afternoon at 3pm and would need a nap.

He was given a dose of Sulphur 30ch each week for three weeks. Immediately he started to get more energy. The eruptions on the penis subsided and the obsessive thoughts reduced. A low dose was chosen to start because of his sensitivity. He was then given a dose of Sulphur 200D. His sweating subsided significantly.  This was wonderful, as this inhibited him from a young age.  His thoughts were diminishing and the genital outbreak went away. We have worked together for a year and he has just concluded taking his allopathic medication.  He is currently taking Nat. Mur. 1M as needed. The homeopathic remedies have helped move him through the underlying ailments that have arisen as well. The remedies also have significantly supported him through the reduction of medication, which involves going through huge withdrawl effects.