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Homeopathy Refresher Program

About The Course

CCHM Refresher Program

This Program Includes: 

1. Webinar 

Standards and Guidelines Webinar (Lecturer: Lisa Decandia)

This webinar covers the Entry-to-Practice Competencies and Standards and Guidelines of the CHO as identified below. 

The on-line webinar course covers the following:

  • Introduction

  • Informed Consent

  • Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Record Keeping

  • Establishing a Therapeutic Relationship and Practitioner Referrals in Ontario


On line quiz to be completed following the Standards and Guidelines Webinar

2. Recorded Audio Lectures 

(Case Taking, Case Analysis, Case Management)

  • Case Taking with Joe Kellerstein - 11 hours 

  • Case Analysis with Veronika Zhmurko - 2.5 hours 

  • Case Analysis with Focus 5th & 6th Edition Organon with Kim Elia- 5 hours

  • Characteristic Symptoms with Monica Frohmann - 3.5 hours 

  • Hahnemann's Disease Classification, Case Analysis, and Potency Selection with John Millar

  • Underlying Symptoms with Monica Frohmann - 2.5 hours

  • Second Prescription with Lisa Decandia- 45 mins


A written synopsis of what the student learned from each of the recorded lectures.

3. Webinar 

(Clinical Training Expectations, Forms and Best Practices)

CCHM Clinical Training Expectations, Forms and Best Practices Webinar 

(Lecturer: Andrea Deal)

This webinar reviews all of the forms students are given for their CCHM clinical training and explains the expectations for submitting case analyses for their patients.

The on-line webinar course covers the following:

  • Introduction to CCHM Clinical Training

  • The Importance of Informed Consent, Privacy and Confidentiality and Record Keeping

  • CCHM Expectations for Case Analyses Submissions for initials and follow ups

  • Communicating With an Externship Supervisor


The understanding of the material in this webinar will be shown in the quality of the case analyses for the Internship and Externship portions of the CCHM Clinical Training. 

4. Internship (Observational) Clinical Training 

This portion of the program includes observation of 4 initial patient cases taken by a master homeopath (students can choose to do this live or by video). Students are to complete a full case analysis for each of these 4 patients to demonstrate their case analysis abilities and will be guided by a supervisor with written instructions for improvement before beginning their Externship Clinical Training. A supervisor may request additional video case observation and case analyses completion if students seem to need more experience before beginning with their private patients. An additional fee of $50 per patient video is to be paid by the student if this becomes necessary.


4 clinical case write ups for observed internship patients following the CCHM Case Analysis Guidelines

5. Externship (Hands-on and Supervised) Clinical Training

This portion of the program includes eight (8) initial patient visits and eight (8) follow-up visits. These consultations may be completed live, by phone, or online using a platform such as Skype or Zoom. There is flexibility to accommodate variation based on the College of Homeopaths of Ontario’s review of each individual’s unique situation. The student’s patients will pay a nominal consultation fee directly to the student’s supervisor ($50+HST = $56.50 for initial consultations and $30+HST = $33.90 for follow ups). CCHM may be able to refer patients to some students depending upon the demand. Ultimately though, the responsibility for securing patients rests with the student. 


Students will submit case write ups for initial and follow up consultations for each of the student’s live patients following the CCHM Case Analysis Guidelines and will be graded accordingly. 

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