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Thera Ip

Thera is a Registered Homeopath and Nutritionist. She finds that using both modalities gets patients closer to their healing goals – quickly and permanently. Thera was brought to Homeopathy because of her children. Her daughter has Autism and she responded only to Homeopathy after trying many alternative and conventional interventions. Thera’s young son developed severe asthma as a child. Only Homeopathy restored his health and he has not needed to visit a doctor since. Because to his, she loves working with complex children. It is also important for Thera to give back to the community to those who are underserved. She has volunteered in Africa with the organization Homeopathy for Health in Africa and worked with HIV/AIDS patients; reducing symptoms related to HIV/AIDS itself and harmful side effects of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs. Thera continues to volunteer and is Board Member of Homeopaths Without Borders, having made several overseas trips to Haiti. She traveled there shortly after Hurricane Matthew flattened areas of south west Haiti. She was part of an emergency response team where she treated those with physical injury, mental and emotional trauma, and infectious diseases due to limited access to clean water. She also works with migrant works in Ontario farms and those with addictions and mental health issues at 6 St. Joseph, a community clinic in downtown Toronto. There is also a clinician at Koru Nutrition and works with clients who have been in Motor Vehicle Accidents and those with traumatic brain injuries.
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