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1. Which accomplishment/event/moment are you most proud of in your career as a Homeopath? 

I have to first start off by saying that I feel very privileged to wake up every morning practicing this fine art. What a gift it is to work with a system of medicine that is safe and non-toxic. My aim is to teach people that homeopathy is available to everyone. I would like to see Homeopathy become a household name and to see people all over the world using this as their first method of treatment. If this were to happen it would take the burden off our health care system and people would be a lot healthier than they are right now. 

2. What 3 aspects of your Homeopathic education contributed the most to your success?

I believe that the CCHM is the best school by far and one should look no further. This school is the only one that I am aware of in Ontario that teaches the true Hahnemanian way.  I think having the exposure to the different teachers/professors taught me a lot about different methods of prescribing and taking a case. The fact that all the teachers in this school are practicing Homeopaths with successful businesses says a lot. I think the CCHM covered all aspects of what it takes to run a practice. I felt prepared and ready to launch into my new career and could hardly wait to share homeopathy with everyone. 

I also think the clinic cases are an integral part of learning. The teachers are different for year two and year three which I think is great as this allows the student to learn different ways of case taking and prescribing.  The externship cases were a great way to learn and practice what would soon become a Homeopaths' way of life.  

I would like to end by saying that I am proud to be a graduate of CCHM and I hope that I continue to inspire people all over the world to use Homeopathy!!!

3. Share with us a recent and successful case treated with Homeopathic Medicine. 

Below is a testimonial from one of my patients.

I had suffered from ulcerative colitis for about 2 years caused mainly through stress and the trauma of a 25 year marriage break up. My colitis was not under control and flared up regularly and it was then that my consultant recommended steroid enemas and oral steroid medication to settle things down. Despite the usual treatment, the colitis was not coming under control. 

It was then that a friend recommended I got in touch with her cousin Stephanie and have a consultation to see if she could help. Suffice to say that even after the first consultation I felt so much better after just speaking to her.  After careful consideration and referencing, she suggested the appropriate homeopathic medication, which in her opinion, based on my symptoms, emotional state etc., was most suitable for me. Within a month, things had improved. The pains had subsided, the bleeding was not as intense and I had begun to go out without feeling apprehensive about any embarrassing situations! It is now six months and I am virtually cured! I lead a full active social life, I have my confidence back and I am over the moon that I was recommended to seek homeopathic treatment! Homeopathy without a doubt boasts of tremendous powers as a system of medicine and I for one can categorically say it really did work for me!