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1. Which accomplishment/event/moment are you most proud of in your career as a Homeopath?

I think going to my Homeopath every 6 weeks is something I am most proud of. I don't think you can help others if you don't work on yourself. Being vulnerable to the process as a client with an experienced Homeopath is indispensable to setting up your own practice, creating healthy boundaries and understanding the scope of what a remedy can do to balance you mentally, physically and emotionally. I have had some aha/wow moments of "This stuff really works!". All I know is that I struggle to understand Homeopathy, there is nothing I would rather do for work, and I love Homeopathy in the most expansive definition of what that is. 

2. What 3 aspects of your Homeopathic education contributed the most to your success?

Listening to lectures by so many great Homeopaths with such diversity helped my understanding of Homoepathic Medicine as an art as well as a science. Understanding the fundamentals of Homeopathy allows for an expanded understanding of what is healing exactly. I feel that choosing to do this work really means being an ongoing student, making mistakes, hopefully learning and always being open to new ideas.

3. Share with us a recent and successful case treated with Homeopathic Medicine. 

This is a challenging question. I believe that many layers of the onion need to be peeled and I think that is an ongoing process of life. Sometimes we see gorgeous results in acute cases like croup and sometimes we see a more complicated case of a child who doesn't participate in class at the age of 4 and a dose of Tuberculinum and all of a sudden they are engaged in group activities, less violent and picking up a pencil for the 1st time. I have learned to be happy if I see a shift in the case regardless of whether or not Homeopathy gets the credit. So often there is improvement and the client gives credit to something tangible that they have done to get good results. If I just do what I do that has to be enough.