Sleep Disorders with Jude Cockburn DCHM, HOM

'To sleep, perchance to dream'... what dreams may come' - is that what the great Bard said?  If only! A good night's sleep seems to be a common challenge for a number of reasons. Maybe this is not something new to you - have you been an insomniac for years? Or are the stressors of 2020 getting the better of you? Or maybe you work shifts and find it difficult to sleep during the day. are the fears of nightmares and dreams keeping you awake? There are a number of homeopathic remedies that can help with this 'night watching' as it was once called. We are better able to cope with life if we can sleep well, so let's take a look at how homeopathy may be a useful tool able to help you, so that we can all have 'The sleep of Kings'.
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