Patients choose homeopathy

GP Ralf Schmalhorst talks about how patients should be able to choose homeopathy and how emotions are often ignored in orthodox medicine.
Video Transcript: 

I've been a conventional doctor for 15 years and a GP for the last 10
years. I've been using homeopathy frequently over the last 5 to 10 years
increasingly, in line with my homeopathic qualification more, and hopefully
I'm using it in a more sophisticated way. Homeopathy has been working for
200 years otherwise it would have been extinct, and I'm confident that
patients will seek homeopathic treatment in the future. And therefore as
healthcare professionals we might just as well accept that and work with it
because we do have to work with our patients on a day to day basis.

As any doctor knows you can only work with patients and with people rather
than against them or telling them you have to do this or that. Patients
will make up their own minds and often I believe patients are very very
sensible, they do know what helps them and they do know what doesn't help
them, they're very very definite about that and as doctors we must listen
to them.

It is a very exciting and different path. Which doesn't mean you can't
apply conventional medicine, if somebody has a serious medical condition.
Of course they need medical treatment, however, there is a whole dimension
of other treatments, on a different level as well, on an emotional level,
which is also very important. I think we completely neglect the emotional
level in our clinical guidelines because they depend on fevers and blood
results. But emotions such as love and hate are hardly mentioned in medical
textbooks, yet they drive our lives every day.

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