Homeopathy helped me to live a normal life

Patient and British Homeopathic Association Trustee Lauren Vaknine talks about how homeopathy has helped her live a normal life. She believes that without homeopathy she would have ended up in a wheelchair due to her Rheumatoid Arthritis which she was diagnosed with at the age of 2.
Video Transcript: 

I'm am an interior designer. I run my own business and at the age of 2 I
was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. At 27 years old, after a
lifetime of the disease, I should be in a wheelchair now. But I'm not.
Thanks to a strong family and an integrated approach to my healthcare,
which mainly involved homeopathy.

When I was diagnosed at the age of 2 there wasn't really much in the way of
treatments. The only thing that was available was steroids. And my parents
thought that it would be too strong for my body. So they looked for other
options. They had never heard about homeopathy before, but after finding a
local homeopath we decided to give it a go.

We saw improvements definitely in the swelling that was in my joints. It
didn't take the arthritis away but it certainly controlled it. What we
realized most was when I went to my weekly physio groups with other
children, kind of around the same age, with the same disease. They all
seemed to be slowed down by the medications they were on and I was
certainly a lot more energetic than them. The arthritis that started in
the 4 joints thankfully didn't spread. And I do put that down to the

My high school years, we practically thought that the arthritis had gone.
Then when I left school and went to college it came back out of nowhere. I
decided that I wanted to try conventional medication. I felt that my whole
life my parents had decided for me, and I felt that I was now old enough to
make that decision. I started the medication, it was very strong. Within
10 months of taking the medication the arthritis that had stayed in 4
joints had then spread to every joint in my body. I lost my hair, I was
left in a wheelchair and it damaged my liver.

So after I came off the medication, I decided to go back to homeopathy. And
that's when I found the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine and I
was treated there under the NHS. I saw 5 different doctors there and I was
comforted by the fact that all the practitioners there were conventionally
trained medical professionals, doctors, and nurses. They just choose to
work in homeopathy.

My rheumatologist was shocked at the fact that I was improving and I was
doing so well. When I had a bone density scan he was completely shocked at
how strong my bone density was and said it shouldn't be like that after
kind of a life time with arthritis. He said although he doesn't practice
homeopathy, he thinks that I should carry on with what I was doing, because
it's obviously working for me. So it was nice to hear that from a
conventional doctor who doesn't practice homeopathy. Obviously people
outside can see the benefits of it.

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