Homeopathy is about change

Medical Homeopath and Dean of the Faculty of Homeopathy Dr Russell Malcolm talks about his homeopathic practice and how no two days are the same when you use this creative approach to medicine.
Video Transcript: 

My training background is in Hospital Medicine, and in General Practice,
but I'm a career Homeopath. Which means that I'm a full time medical
homeopath. That's how I spend my working day, my working week. I think when
you train in medicine, there are a lot of pressures to use some very
evolved guidelines, protocols for treatment. And many of these even work
out very carefully and are very well developed. But many of them are
orientated towards patient management. And I think there's quite a
difference between managing a problem, and helping something to change.

Homeopathy's fundamentally about change, it's about facilitating change and
protocols, guidelines for illness management, have their place within
medicine. But sometimes they're not enough. Caring empathic practitioners
always go a bit deeper, no matter what discipline they're in. But the fact
is that as a homeopath we use that depth, who the patient is, and why
they're unwell, what they feel, what they're experiencing and how they
react. The intrinsic dynamics of their symptoms, becomes therapeutically
relevant in a way that may not be relevant in orthodox medicine.

So that provides us with a layer of creativity for what we do, and it means
that every idea is different. every exploration with a patient is different
and requires a flexibility of approach, and that is very exciting. It's
very liberating for a doctor that helps individual healthcare professionals
avoid becoming institutionalized. We avoid becoming jaded because there's
always additional creative dimension to what we do.

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