Food for Thought: The Homeopathic Treatment of Eating Disorders with Homeopath Robin Pollock

This video is a recording of one of our CCHM FREECASTS! Hunger and appetite (not the same thing!) are both physiological and psychological in origin. We take cues from both our bodies and our environment to inform us when and what to eat, which can lead to either healthy or maladaptive behaviours. When eating (or choosing not to eat) starts to adversely affect the individual's life and body, it is classified as an eating disorder. Homeopathy is an ideal treatment modality for eating disorders because it treats both the physiological and psychological etiologies simultaneously. Please join homeopath Robin Pollock in a nourishing webinar in which she discusses the diagnostic criteria and homeopathic treatment of Pica, Anorexia Nervosa, and Bulimia Nervosa.
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