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Homeopathic Clinical Training – Information for Students

Externship Homeopathic Clinical Training 

Homeopathy is an art and science of practice, as well as study.  For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to gain hands-on experience as part of your homeopathic training. This is the purpose of the Externship portion of CCHM's Clinical Training, when you take on your own patients, and begin to practice homeopathy with one-on-one supervision from a professional homeopath. Our Externship Training model offers a great deal of flexibility so that you can begin to build your future homeopathic practice right in your own area. You are also welcome to join a roster for patient referrals, should you wish to receive patients through CCHM. Upon graduation, the patients you have treated form the basis of your professional practice.

Through CCHM's Externship Training, you will learn:

  • To develop a professional, therapeutic relationship with patients
  • To develop thorough case-taking skills
  • To use various approaches to case analysis
  • Identification of potential obstacles to cure, exciting and maintaining causes of disease
  • To demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the process of repertorization
  • Learn to select suitable medicines and appropriate posology
  • To recognize integrative modalities that may complement homeopathic treatment
  • Practice management and jurisprudence
  • How to monitor patient response to medicine, as well the evaluation, interpretation and adjustment of a treatment plan

Internship Homeopathic Clinical Training 

It is exceedingly important for students to be able to observe cases being taken live by a master homeopath, to be able to ask questions, have discussions and have the chance to follow those cases closely in order to gain the deepest insight into long-term case management. Students gain this opportunity in the Internship portion of the CCHM Clinical Training.  We are so proud to have had a successful Teaching Clinic, open to the public, for over 25 years. We offer excellence in homeopathic training to students of homeopathy as well as the best available homeopathic patient care.

In the live Teaching Clinic, students shadow Dr. Joseph Kellerstein, a true master in our field who has been in practice for over 35 years. Live clinic days offer you the opportunity to see firsthand, how an expert deals with the challenges and successes of clinical practice. Dr Kellerstein provides in depth guidance and discussion about homeopathic case taking and case management in an intimate setting, while  patients receive the considerate and individualized care that homeopathic treatment is known for. CCHM holds the highest standards of clinical training for our students and our faculty and staff are second to none.  By attending our Teaching Clinic, you have the opportunity to shadow Master homeopaths in a thought-provoking, inspiring and nurturing environment.  

Through CCHM's Internship Training, you will:

  • Observe the development of a professional therapeutic relationship with their patients
  • Develop rigorous case-taking skills
  • Learn to use various approaches to case analysis
  • Learn to identify potential obstacles to cure, exciting and maintaining causes of disease
  • Practice the process of repertorization
  • Learn to select suitable medicines and appropriate posology
  • Recognize integrative modalities that may complement homeopathic treatment
  • Observe and consider how to inform the patient and obtain informed consent
  • Observe and consider communicating an individualized treatment plan to the patient and providing written instruction to the patient on use of the homeopathic medicine
  • Practice documenting treatment plans
  • Learn how to monitor patient response by tracking changes and responses to remedies

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