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The two-fold Externship and Internship Clinical Training experience at CCHM sets us apart from all other schools and makes our Clinical experience extremely comprehensive and invaluable for students of homeopathy and patients receiving homeopathic care. Our Clinical Internship and Clinical Externship Programs have been an integral part of CCHM since our inception in 1994. 

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Homeopathic Clinical Training - Information for Students CCHM ClinicOur two-fold live Externship and Internship Clinical Training experience at CCHM sets us apart from all other schools and has been an integral part of CCHM since our inception in 1994. This integrated approach is why our graduates are so successful in practice and has contributed greatly to our international reputation for excellence. The Clinical Training for our Online/In Class Diploma Program gives our graduates 2 years of experience in both externship and intership training, and the hours earned exceed the requirements laid out by The College of Homeopaths of Ontario. Our externship features one-on-one training with professional homeopaths and our live internship is taught by a master homeopath with over 35 years of experience in practice. Students receive intensive case-taking instruction in workshops developed by Dr. Joseph Kellerstein, one of the top Homeopaths in the world.  No other school offers this type of case-taking training, blended with techniques from Neurolinguistic Programming and Clean Language, allowing students to delve more deeply into the understanding of their patient's experience. Throughout this clinical training, you will see consistent positive patient outcomes and receive coaching on the recognition of characteristic symptoms, the translation of patient language into homeopathic language, and case management.  The benefit of this kind of live clinical training is one of the most important aspects to CCHM’s program--it is what truly allows CCHM graduates to go out into the world and be able to reproduce what they learned in school, as what they are learning is based on the sound scientific principles of Hahnemannian homeopathy.  This allows our graduates to practice proficiently and confidently and is what ultimately results in happy, healthy patients, referrals, and the establishment of a successful practice.