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Last year I volunteered at a wonderful medical clinic in Beamsville, Ontario, that helps migrant workers.

From Homeopath and CCHM grad, Patricia Ceciarelli

Thoughts on the Toronto Premiere of Just One Drop

By Annalisa Percy, RN and 1st Year CCHM Student 

"These children deserve more miracles. And I would feel privileged to be a part of those miracles."

"A career in homeopathy for me is a career that holds so much power and potential and from which others can greatly benefit..."


Ellie O., first year student 2017 – 2018, Toronto

4 Horses Move from Newmarket to Austria, Together with their Whole Family

I think it is possible to give “Care” without “Harm” and that knowledge will always lead to the right answer.

From Theresa P., Larder Lake, Ontario

A Day in the Life of a Homeopath: Gina Newcomb, HOM


A Day in the Life of a Homeopath: Gina Newcomb, HOM

"I’m here now, because homeopathy is, I believe, the next step as I evolve and become more of who I am meant to be."

from Kellie M., Dexter, Michigan

As my late father once told me, “If it was easy, everyone could do it”. Indeed, homeopathy is not easy, yet everyone should be open to try.

Steve Odes, CCHM Grad, 2016, from Illinois, USA

A Day In the Life of a Homeopath: Soheila Tavallaei, HOM


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