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My Second Year at CCHM

"Homeopathy is something I have been called to pursue."

"Helping people feel better, that's my goal and something I am very passionate about."

A Day in the Life of a Homeopath: Manmit Singh Hom, DCHM

A Case of Lyme Disease Treated with Homeopathy

"It was as if my emotional and psychological state had been covered with a veil for years, and suddenly this veil had been lifted, freeing a new self."



A Case of Vertigo Treated with Agaricus muscaris

Farokh Master Seminar May 2018

CCHM was very pleased to co-host Dr. Farokh Master this past May, along with Riverdale Homeopathy and WholeHealthNow, for a fantastic 3-day seminar at beautiful Victoria College in U of T. As always, Dr. Master was a charismatic and entertaining speaker, with a wealth of wisdom to impart. He will be returning next spring for another seminar (which you can attend live in Toronto, or remotely by webinar), and his associated webinar series is ongoing.

Healing water…

My Journey to Homeopathy

From Lisa E., Mission, KS


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