Study Week for Distance Education Students

Study Week for Distance Education Students

As part of your homeopathic study experience, you have the option to join us every spring and fall for a week of in-person study in Toronto, specifically designed for Distance Education students who want to intensify their study and have had personal contact with the school. Study Week will allow you to jump right into the classroom environment with students and teachers to enjoy lively discussions and clinical experience.  It provides you with the opportunity to build a network of peers with people who are on the same path as you. Students find the experience fun, fascinating and invigorating to their studies.  

Study week takes place twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall and you may attend any study week while completing your 1st, 2nd or 3rd level of the program. During your time with us, you will perform case analysis with our instructors, attend our internship clinic alongside students from our in-class program, and join a fun-filled weekend of lectures with our year 1, 2 or 3 students. Part of the fun of Study Week is getting to choose the classes that you want to attend.

"Study Week was definitely a great educational gain and it made me enjoy the study of homeopathy even more. I know I will be back next year and hope it will once again be full of surprises! Thank you all for making it a great week and hope to see my distant education team very soon!"

"I recommend Study Week as an opportunity to get a better handle on Materia Medica, Repertory, and Case Taking.  It also gives you the chance to meet some great people!"  

"It was great to meet and be exposed to more teachers and students and a broader range of ideas and ways to think about homeopathy. I think that I grew from class discussions and case taking" 

"Study week was awesome!  I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I arrived, everyone was very professional, organized & the material was valuable."

Here is an example of the intinerary from a recent Study Week:

Thursday and Monday:  These two days will both be clinical workshop intensives, where you will analyze cases from the CCHM Teaching Clinic.

Friday:  You join our in-class students for the live Teaching Clinic, and spend the day shadowing Dr. Joseph Kellerstein as he treats clinic patients.

Saturday:  Choose from      

9am -12:30 pm  Materia Medica of Magnesiums with Jack Gagliardi.  


9am -12:30 pm  Obstetrics Part 1 with Lisa Decandia.  


1:30pm - 5pm  The Repertory: How to Translate Patient Language into Homeopathic Terminology with Lisa Decandia.  


1:30pm to 5pm  Case Analysis Strategies with Jack Gagliardi (for Year 2 and 3 students only). 

Sunday:   Choose from      


9am - 12:30pm  Panic attacks: Aconite, Lat-m, Plut-n, Rhus-t, Spong, Arn, Bamb-a, with Dr. John Millar.  


9am -12:30pm  Obstetrics Part 2 with Lisa Decandia (for students who attended Part 1).  


1:30-5 pm  Otitis Media: Puls, Merc, Hepar, Calc-s, Kali-s, Acon, Bell, Med, Psor, Sil with Lisa Decandia.  


1:30pm to 5pm  Materia Medica of Cuprum and Ferrum metallicum with Jack Gagliardi.  


1:30pm to 5pm  Acne with Dr. John Millar.  


Saturday: Take some time to hang out with fellow homeopathy students and CCHM alumni.  Talk shop, enjoy a meal and have a pint!

Travel and Accomodation

We send out information to Study Week participants to assist with travel and accomodation plans.  We are here to offer advice and make the journey as easy as possible.  

For more information or to reserve your spot at Study Week please contact [email protected]


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