Andrea Gallant Deal, HOM, DSHM

Andrea Gallant Deal, HOM, DSHM College Administrative Director & Registrar, Lecturer

Andrea Deal graduated from CCHM in 2001. While studying visual art at the University of Victoria in 1997, she stumbled upon Dana Ullman’s book, Discovering Homeopathy. This book, and an introduction to cell salts in an herbal medicine course, sparked a curiosity that has become a lifelong passion. Andrea has been assisting clients using classical homeopathy, cell salts, nutrition and kindness since 2001. She is a trained doula and has also worked as an administrative assistant with a homeopathic company, as a youth coach and as a natural products adviser and teacher at several health food stores. Andrea practices classical homeopathy at the main office of The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto. Andrea treats people of all ages in her private practice. Through individualized healing plans, with a focus on classical homeopathy, cell salts, nutrition and journaling, Andrea has assisted many people to regain their health and rediscover themselves and their lust for life. Learn more about Andrea on her website.

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