Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy and Health Sciences Correspondence Diploma Program

  • Self-study correspondence based learning - homeopathy lessons are reading/writing vs. lecture based
  • Designed as a three-year program but can be completed in as little as 2 years and up to a maximum of 6 years
  • Grads of this program are eligible to write the CHC exam and become registered homeopaths in Canada
  • Optional in-person study opportunities twice per year in Toronto
  • Webinar-based self-study Science components to complete at your convenience
  • Unique internship/externship fully supervised clinical training to prepare you well for a successful practice
  • Buy lessons as you go or pay for a full year up front
  • Students are appointed externship supervisors who guide them one-on-one with their own patients
  • Begin anytime 
  • Exceptional support provided for CCHM students and graduates
  • Regular live online support sessions to connect with other distance students and CCHM staff

The professional Homeopathy and Health Sciences Diploma Program by Correspondence was developed to meet the needs of people who want to complete a course of study in a self-paced, flexible manner as time permits. It is based on the world renowned Homeopathy and Health Sciences Program which CCHM has been running for 25 years. In this program, the learning style is self-directed, with the homeopathy lessons given in writing and the assignments submitted through email. You will be well-supported and have a tutor as well as a clinical supervisor who will be available to you by appointment.

You will study Homeopathy, Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathophysiology, and be required to complete a Clinical Internship and Externship component in both Intermediate & Advanced Levels. You can begin the program at any time and it must be completed within 6 years.

Graduates of this program are eligible to write the CHC exam for certification. For graduates wishing to register with the regulatory body in Ontario there may be some additional clinical hours required. Please ask us for details as there are several different options available for you.

Correspondence Diploma Program Structure

Level 1:

  • Lessons 1-2
  • Lessons 3-4
  • Lessons 5-7
  • The Organon course
  • Anatomy & Physiology course
  • Nutrition course
  • Study Week (optional)


Level 2:

  • Lessons 8-10
  • Lessons 11-12
  • Lessons 13-14
  • Pathology & Disease course
  • Study Week (optional)
  • Internship Clinic
  • Externship Clinic


Level 3:

  • Lessons 15-16
  • Lessons 17-18
  • Lessons 19-21
  • Study Week (optional)
  • Internship Clinic
  • Externship Clinic



This course consists of three levels (Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Level) corresponding to approximately 700 hours of study for each level. It is anticipated that each level will take approximately one year to complete if you establish a regular study schedule. Each course level is organized into several lessons with associated assignments. This continuous assessment of your work ensures a high degree of proficiency, as weaknesses in understanding are communicated to you quickly with helpful assistance and advice provided by your personal course tutor.

A minimum grade average of 70 per cent must be achieved at each course level to be eligible to proceed to the next level.

Lessons consist of: comprehensive study notes; diagrams and charts; cross-references to homeopathic text books; self-assessment questions; assignments.

"I honestly just love my whole learning experience at CCHM, I could not have chosen a better school. Initially, I was  intimidated about being a distant ed. student without having the ability to attend classes live. However, as a 3rd year student, I can confidently say that my education has been quite well-rounded and wholesome, yet flexible enough that I can dedicate time with my family, be a soccer mom, help my husband at work, and pursue my studies! This program has been extremely suitable for my needs, allowing me to do the work on my own time and schedule, at my leisure, without the usual pressure and deadlines.  

The Supervisors are fantastic. I am able to hand in my assignments with quick feedbacks allowing me to proceed further into the course without any delay. Any questions or concerns are answered promptly. 

The whole programme is tailored in a very systematic and simplistic approach, facilitating comprehension and analysis. Kudos to the authors of the in-house texts who have done an outstanding job with adhering to true Classical Homeopathic principles while conveying Hahnemann's message with remarkable fluency.

In second and third year, the Clinical Externship component gives us the opportunity to take on patients directly and put teachings into practice. This hands-on experience, with faculty guidance, has given me immense courage and eagerness to start my practice after graduation. 

I sincerely thank CCHM for giving me this opportunity to be a part of their student body. It has been an amazing journey, and the learning is truly invaluable. CCHM will always hold a special place in my heart."  Karina B., Bangalore, India


Clinical training is the key to a student’s future success in practice. Students in our distance education program undergo rigorous, fully supervised clinical training with both internship and externship components and leave fully prepared and confident in their case taking, analysis and prescribing skills. Part of completing your second and third year requires you to observe videos of a master homeopath taking the initial consultations of patients and their follow ups.  You will complete and write up your own analyses of these cases for submission and marking.  You will also take on a number of your own private patients under the supervision of a master homeopath. These clinical instructors are your teachers and have more than 17 years of clinical experience.

Correspondence students also have the option to join the Internship Clinic live here at CCHM, either in person, or by live webinar.  This unique opportunity can be either an addition to, or a replacement for, the Distance Education Clinical videos.   The live Internship Clinic allows you to: 

  • Sit in on an entire 8 hour day of Clinical Internship, including intimate discussion time with Dr. Joseph Kellerstein
  • Observe live, as Joe takes the initial cases of two patients per clinic day, giving you unparalleled insight into how to take an excellent case
  • Watch patient follow ups, as they return to the Teaching Clinic after having taken their prescription - see how a master homeopath navigates the essential aspects of ongoing case management
  • Ask questions, of both Dr. Kellerstein, and the internship patients
  • Earn valuable clinic hours (second-hand patient contact hours) above and beyond those offered in the Distance Ed program itself
  • Write up the clinic cases of patients you have observed live, and have your cases marked, just like our Year 2 and Year 3 In Class students do 


Sometimes students wishing to join the course have already completed significant homeopathic training elsewhere.  If they wish, they may write a challenge exam for advanced standing to see if they are eligible to proceed into second year Homeopathy.  If they haven’t already completed an equivalent Anatomy and Physiology course, as well as a Nutrition course, then those courses are required to be done with CCHM as they are taught in first year.  A minimum of 2 years of study is required with CCHM if they wish to earn the CCHM diploma.


If you're considering becoming a homeopathic practitioner, certain qualities are necessary to fulfill this ambition. You must have commitment and dedication to study, an open and receptive mind; a willingness to discuss and explore other people's perspectives; an ability to interact with others; and a desire to assist others. Individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences can achieve this. If you feel you have these qualities you could become a professional homeopath.


Download the Online Enrolment Form from our website. Complete the form, sign and date it and return it along with the $85 application fee, essay, life history sketch and two reference letters (one personal, one professional) to the School Office: Attention, Registrar. The essay is to explain why you are interested in studying homeopathy professionally. The life history sketch is similar to a resume but more personal in nature. In addition to your work experience, please also include your interests, hobbies, recreational activities, orthodox or alternative training in other therapies, etc.

TUITION (please note all prices are in CAD so for students in the US, the prices will be less with the exchange)

Fees for each level of homeopathy study are $3325, or you may also opt to pay in 3 installments of $1225. Additional tuition is required for the nutrition, anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology courses and all clinical components. Contact us today for the most detailed and up-to-date course tuition schedule.


The Professional Correspondence Diploma Program may be started at any time.  Course materials are usually mailed out within a week of ordering.  It is expected that the entire three-level program may be completed in less than three years; however, each student may proceed at his or her own pace, as long as it is completed within 6 years from date of start.

Graduates of this program are eligible to write the CHC exam for certification in the US.  You may write this exam in Canada, if you so choose, but it is not a requirement.  It is however, a very respected designation in the US.

Academic Performance


The minimum final assessment average for Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology is 60%. The minimum final assesment average for Homeopathy and Nutrition is 70%.


Challenging assignments accompany each lesson and require intellectual as well as imaginative flexibility along with significant research. Your work is assessed by a member of the CCHM Distance Education Marking Team according to specified criteria.

CCHM Correspondence Diploma Marking Team

The CCHM Correspondance Diploma Marking Team is made up of, Jude Cockburn and Monica Frohmann, who provide comprehensive written feedback on assignments to facilitate understanding and to help you achieve the desired standard. Each member of the CCHM Correspondance Diploma Marking Team is a well-qualified, experienced and registered classical homeopath.

Study Week for Correspondence Students

As part of your homeopathic study experience, correspondence students have the option to join us every spring and fall for a week of in-person study in Toronto, specifically designed for those who want to intensify their study and have had personal contact with the school. Study Week will allow you to jump right into the classroom environment with students and teachers to enjoy lively discussions and clinical experience.  It provides you with the opportunity to build a network of peers with people who are on the same path as you. Students find the experience fun, fascinating and invigorating to their studies.  

Study week takes place twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall and you may attend any study week while completing your 1st, 2nd or 3rd level of the program. During your time with us, you will perform case analysis with our instructors, attend our internship clinic alongside students from our in-class program, and join a fun-filled weekend of lectures with our year 1, 2 or 3 students. Part of the fun of Study Week is getting to choose the classes that you want to attend.

"Study Week was definitely a great educational gain and it made me enjoy the study of homeopathy even more. I know I will be back next year and hope it will once again be full of surprises! Thank you all for making it a great week and hope to see my distant education team very soon!"

"I recommend Study Week as an opportunity to get a better handle on Materia Medica, Repertory, and Case Taking.  It also gives you the chance to meet some great people!"  

"It was great to meet and be exposed to more teachers and students and a broader range of ideas and ways to think about homeopathy. I think that I grew from class discussions and case taking" 

"Study week was awesome!  I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I arrived, everyone was very professional, organized & the material was valuable."