Nigel C. MacGregor, Hom, DCHM

Nigel MacGregor was born in the sunny Okanagan Valley of Vernon, British Colombia and grew up into his early adulthood in St. Albert Alberta, where he found a strong passion for playing football. In 2012, Nigel joined the CJFL with the Edmonton Huskies on the offensive line. Soon realizing that this sport was taking a toll on his body, he needed to find a new hobby and future. 

Nigel was always into natural care for the body, whether it was sports medicine knowledge with sprains and strains to learning about proteins, fats and carbs for recovery. With this spark of interest into holistic care Nigel began looking for an appropriate school to become educated in. That is when he came across the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in 2016 and moved from St. Albert to a small rural community of Uxbridge, Ontario so that he could begin his journey in learning and understanding homeopathy from some of the best teachers around.

Present – Nigel graduated from CCHM in 2019 and has been operating his own practice, MacGregor Homeopathic Practice in downtown Uxbridge, Ontario. “Our office is open to speak, answer and treat anyone interested in homeopathy, if it deems appropriate.”