Kim Elia, CCN

Kim is currently running a 4 year homeopathy program at the Hahnemann Academy in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. In addition, he was just recently asked to teach a 10 week homeopathy class for the Naturopathic College, Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Kim has also taught at SCNM (The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine), NCNM (The National College of Natural Medicine) as well as The University of Bridgeport. He has worked in the clinic at the University of Bridgeport and at CCNM (The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine) seeing new patients as well as overseeing student cases in their clinic. He has taught at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine, The Texas Institute of Homeopathy, The Colorado Institute of Homeopathy, The Homeopathic Academy of Southern California and the Vancouver Academy of Homeopathy where he still teaches about once a year. He has also taught at The Homeopathic School of the Americas in Guatemala and El Salvador. He is currently a teacher at CCHM (The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine). He has been in homeopathic practice for almost 22 years and has studied with various teachers including George Vithoulkas, Roger Morrison, Paul Herscu, Andre Saine, Vasillis Ghegas, Henny Heudens-Mast, Sheilagh Creasy, Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Divya Chhabra, Farokh Master, Vega Rozenberg and others