Joyce Edge, DCHM, FCHM

Joyce Edge brings a wealth of experience, warmth, and expertise to CCHM, having spent many years answering questions from prospective students all over the world. She knows first hand what the study of homeopathy is like, having completed both the 3-year in class diploma program, and the CCHM Post Grad program herself. Joyce is a great resource for anyone considering homeopathic study and can help you to navigate details such as juggling a family and full time job while studying, making travel and moving plans to Toronto in order to study, what exemptions you may be eligible for if you have previous training, and much more. She has a real ability to adapt to the individual needs of each person – treating inquiries on a case by case basis, just like any good homeopath does! Joyce also oversees the day to day operations of CCHM including liaising with faculty and administration, assisting in curriculum development and promotional activities, etc.