1. Which accomplishment/event/moment are you most proud of in your career as a Homeopath? 

In the last two years I have achieved excellent results, with both chronic and acute disease, and continue to be amazed each and every day, by the depth of this medicine, and the incredible healing that can happen in even the sickest of patients. I am so happy that I attended the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine, not only because of its reputation as the leader in Homeopathic training in Canada, but the incredible foundation that it gave me in my Homeopathic education.

2. What 3 aspects of your Homeopathic education contributed the most to your success?

 During my time at TSHM, I was very lucky to learn from Dr. Joseph Kellerstein, who taught me so much, and allowed me to practice to the best of my abilities. Without his training and direction, I believe I would not have the success I have today with my patients.

3. Share with us a recent and successful case treated with Homeopathic Medicine. 

A recent case:   I had a 16 week pregnant patient with large gallstones, The patient was noticeably warm in body temperature and required fresh air.  In addition, she noticed that since becoming pregnant, she was very weepy and easily moved to tears. She was thirstless, and had incredible pain from the gallstones when eating anything with any fat in it. She continued to lose weight as a result of the lack of any fat in her diet, and even the dietary changes were not alleviating the pain and the other symptoms. After dosing with Pulsatilla 200ch daily for a few days, the patient noticed much improvement in all of the above symptoms. Over the next few weeks, dosing daily with Pulsatilla 200ch twice a day, she went back to her medical doctor and the gallstones were noticeably smaller. We continued and the stones eventually disappeared; she was pain free through the remainder of her pregnancy. I'm most proud of this case because it represents how both conventional allopathic medicine can work alongside homeopathic treatment for the best health and least risk to the patient; it illustrates how the "system" can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the cost of a surgery such as this if they were to use homeopathic expertise; and how gentle and effective homeopathy is during pregnancy, with no risk to the baby.

4. Do you have anything else you would like to share?

There are not many registered, practicing homeopaths in Nova Scotia, which limits my pool of colleagues on the east coast. However, through my training at TSHM, I am able to consult with colleagues online across the country when I'm "stuck". I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to be excited to come to work every day, and to love what I do for a living. In addition, homeopathic medicine has allowed me to grow so much, because it is challenging, no two patients are the same, and I continue to be amazed by the body's ability to heal through homeopathic treatment.

I would recommend TSHM to anyone looking for the best possible education in Homeopathic Medicine.