CCHM Journal

There and Back Again

From Monica Frohmann, CCHM Lecturer 

My Journey to Homeopathy

From Heidi B., Whistler, BC


I can’t wait to start my journey with CCHM!

From Samia K., Nampula, Mozambique – our first student in Africa!

Why homeopathy?  I imagine myself as a person who dedicates herself to her passions and homeopathy has become that passion for me. Something that I truly want to study, and through the right channels...!

How I Reached My Decision to Become a Homeopath

From Andrea S., RN, Niagara Falls

Over the years, I have gained experience in acute care, long term care and occupational medicine, nursing administration and education and Palliative Care. I worked my way through different aspects of being a nurse and found myself frustrated and unfulfilled.

Why Homeopathy?

From Bella A., Calgary, Alberta

Becoming a Homeopath

A Day in the Life of a Homeopath: Annabelle Menezes Hom, DCHM

1. What inspired you to become a homeopath?


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