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Homeopathy for Animals - The story of Bear-Bear

I have a beautiful 16 year old cat named Bear-Bear. she is fun, frisky, happy, healthy and popular!

Homeopathy and pets

I feel blessed to be continually learning about the art and science of Homeopathy. It is particularly gratifying when we are able to relieve the suffering of our beloved pets. I will relate the most recent incidence of Homeopathy's almost miraculous ability to cure, in relation to my beautiful border collie "Panda".

50 Reasons for Being a Homeopath

Excerted from the remarkable book 50 Reasons for Being a Homeopath by Dr. James Compton Burnett. These case studies give fascinating insight to the practice of homeopathy in the late 1800's by one of the best diagnosticians of the time.

Graduation Day June 23, 2012

This Picture Says a Thousand Words!


Dr. Samuel Hahnemann couldn’t have imagined that nearly 170 years after his death his portrait would be painted by a graduate of our 2012 class.  Such is the passion of Homeopathy!

The Queen and Homeopathy

This was in the newspaper the other day. Very fitting for homeopathy and the Queen's jubillee.  Did you know that when the Queen travels to Canada she is assigned a homeopathy here? It's true!

50 Reasons for Being a Homeopath continued....

Dr. James Compton Burnett lists his fifth reason for becoming a homeopath:

Wholism for the Homeopath!

One of our lecturers sent CCHM the following article to include in our weekly blog. Reading it had a profund effect on I am delighted to share it with you. 

The Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann

In reading Hahnemann's Lesser Writings, I was struck by his article on suicide which is reprinted below.

The Incharitableness towards Suicide

A Homeopathic Experience to Remember... and Repeat! by Stephanie Ficele

Just 2 weeks ago I had a Homeopathic experience to remember at the Joint Annual Homeopathic Conference in Alexandria, Virginia. The conference was just spectacular, with international speakers representing a variety of interesting topics in both an introductory and advanced lecture forum.


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