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A radio interview with a Recent Graduate from CCHM

The small, rural town of Erin has a population of about 12,000 and is home to notable residents such as Gordon Downie (Lead singer of the Tragically Hip) and Mike Clattenburg (Film Maker). So when I was invited for an interview on the Erin Main Street Radioʼs “Business Intelligence” show to showcase my homeopathic practice I jumped at the opportunity to showcase Homeopathy.

2012 HomeoNet Research Forum Highlights Part 4: Lisa Decandia's Experience

Promoting healthy therapeutic relationships and conducting effective consultations with child patients: Results of a Delphi study seeking the opinion of experts in the homeopathic treatment of children.


2012 HomeoNet Research Forum Highlights Part 2: Presenter Rachel Levine

Rachel Levine, Homeopath and CCHM alumnus, contributed this blog on her experience at the recent Homeonet Conference:

50 Reasons for Being a Homeopathy by Dr. James Compton Burnett

This is reason #7 of the 50 Reasons that Dr. James Compton Burnett wrote about to a young doctor. It all started at a dinner table discussion when the young doctor ridiculed Dr. Burnett for being a homeopath. Delighting in the opportunity to educate, Dr. Compton kept an ongoing dialogue with the young man over time.

The Marquise Marie Melanie d'Hervilly Gohier Hahnemann

The story of Samuel Hahnemann and his wife Melanie is a fascinating tale of passion, accomplishment, compassion, determination and much, much more. Previously maligned by the international homeopathic community for almost 150 years, Melanie's role as a catalyst for the growth of homeopathy is just beiginning to be acknowledged.

Some interesting facts about Melanie Hahnemann:

The New School Year

Things are settling in nicely as this school year gets into full swing! The Autumn is always a time of new beginnings - even though the leaves are falling. The students are refreshed from having the summer off and excited to see their colleagues and begin a new year together. There is an excellent Homeopathy conference coming up soon - next weekend. The Canadian Homeopathic Conference 2012 which is being held near the airport.

The Homeopathic Pet Whisperer

I have put up a few posts regarding the homeopathic care of my pets. My friend the other day called me the "homeopathic pet whisperer" because of the quick, acute care I have beem able to provide for anything from diarrohea, to broken bones, cuts, contusions, thunderstorm fears, relocating anxiety and much more.

Homeopathy and Abscess

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about an incident with my lovely border collie Panda. After her incident with a severe cut in her mouth, Panda developed a huge abscess on her neck. It grew slowly and was very firm. I thought it was probably a result of the cut healing too fast (which can happen when one uses Calendula). There was a bit of splinter left that may have caused an infection.


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