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I'm Ready To Learn Homeopathy

From Cindy T., Paramaribo, Suriname 

I Grew Up On Homeopathic Remedies In India

From Harjeet S., Ajax

Homeopathy And My Premature Baby Journey

From Kellie F., Bali

It Is Never Too Late To Become a Homeopath

From Merrie-Ellen W., Victoria BC

In other words, why homeopathy? Why now?

There are lots of reasons why I decided to become a homeopath, some philosophical, some political, some practical.

Are you sick of getting sick?

I have noticed lately many people are catching colds. As much as this is not a pleasant experience, it is unavoidable at times, and we have to go through it.

Have you ever wondered why we catch colds in the first place?

How My Struggles With Anxiety Led Me To Homeopathy


From Mae F., Kingston

Homeopathic Pain Relief

By Amanda N., Toronto

Loving Natural Medicine

From Natalie I., Perth, Australia

Lyme Disease Primer: Epidemic Alert


From Tonic June 2013 Issue


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