Why I am Interested in Studying Homeopathy Professionally

From Natalia K., Kelowna, B.C.

My story of discovering homeopathy is completely banal.  In 2004, in search of help to my first newborn son, who suffered from a terrible allergy, I passed by all the outstanding doctors of our city.  Forcing my son to take contradictory, bitter medicines for a variety of symptoms, and not seeing any relief, I completely despaired.  Meanwhile, it turned out that already 10 years there was a homeopath in our city, which was known to a limited number of people.  Somehow, from third parties of third parties I had got the doctor's contacts and since then my family had gradually switched exclusively to homeopathic treatment.

This transition had been slow, but irreversible.  Having discovered a completely new concept of treatment, I needed to find out if I could trust it, if this unknown approach would be harmful to the child.  At first, the Internet helped me, but this source is not reliable enough.  Then I randomly ordered my first books: Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy and Lectures on Materia Medica by J. T. Kent, Repertory by the K. F. Beninghausen, The Organon by S. Hahnemann.  How fortunate that this was the underlying source of homeopathic knowledge, and I got a high-quality clarification of my doubts, although I was just not able to understand and appreciate it at that moment.  However, the lengthy paragraphs of Organon were clear to me and left no chance for allopathy in my life.

The more I read, the more I expected from homeopathic doctors.  I wanted our family to be examples of the amazing healing cases that J. C. Burnett, J. T. Kent, A. Stiegele, L. Vannier, and others have written about; however, this did not happen.  So, I found that believing in homeopathy is just the beginning; the main thing is to find a doctor like Dr.Vithulcas to get highly qualified assistance, but it was almost unreal.

Due to the nature of my husband's work, our family had to move to a new place of residence several times, and always, the first thing I did was looking for a family homeopath.  Unfortunately, none of them were able to return us to the desired level of health; prescriptions acted superficially, after a time the symptoms returned.  Sometimes it happened that in our place of residence was not even known about homeopathy at all (like on Fiji Islands) and then I had to look for means by myself.  Of course, there is nothing to brag about yet, but with God's help, I relieved roseola with a temperature of 40.1 C happened to my second son when he was 10 months old; a long rotting sore under the knee of my eldest son, a delay in urine and edema of my mother, a release of a kidney stone of my husband; simple colds and my migraine.  Seeing how amazingly beneficial the drugs are even with my unprofessional approach, I wanted to understand Zen in homeopathy.  I thought great homeopaths are literally wizards, but it turns out that this magic can be mastered!

So, I got a dream to become a homeopath, but I had to continue my law career, and the dream seemed impossible.  Then there was another move to a new country, Canada, and a painful period of adaptation.  It is hard to imagine, but it took me five years to get comfortable enough to start making plans for the future.  Despite my great desire to learn homeopathy, I considered myself too old to start learning a new profession.  After reading one another homeopathic book, I just whined about how great this case or that doctor is and how I would like to achieve the same heights.  Finally, my husband said, "Why not try to learn!"  Here, I had remembered Maesimund B. Panos, who graduated from medical school at Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1957, when she was 45 years old and at this age began her magnificent homeopathic career (National Center for Homeopathy).  I am only going to start training at this age, but now, when the decision has been made, I am not afraid.  I love homeopathy, and if I have the opportunity to devote a significant part of my life to it, it is wonderful!

I do understand that for now I look exactly like “sincere but misguided enthusiasts attempting the impossible and bringing ridicule upon themselves” (Close, chapter IV).  However, I hope to get a system of homeopathy science and become a good, true healer for people while study at Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine.





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