Why Homeopathy?

From Bella A., Calgary, Alberta

Most of my life, I have felt drawn to help people feel better. I’ve tried various ways to help people, such as listening to their problems, offering advice, helping them see other perspectives, suggesting different types of medicine that could help and so on. I’ve studied psychology, herbalism, reiki, crystal healing - everything has given me great insight into ways we can heal ourselves, but nothing has felt quite right.

About 11 years ago, when I first was introduced to homeopathics, I began to learn about wholistic treatments, and the idea of treating the whole person greatly resonated with me. As well, in recent years, I’ve felt very drawn to different forms of energy healing (reiki and crystal healing specifically) and I feel that homeopathy falls in line with this interest.

Along the way, however, I’ve learned that I myself am not the one healing a person. Rather, I can hold space for that person in a variety of ways, while they heal themselves. And homeopathy is another example of a healing modality that follows this basic idea.

Of all the healing modalities I’ve used over the years, homeopathic remedies have had the most effective results and often the quickest (compared to herbal treatments, essential oils, conventional medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc). I have experienced first hand the magic of homeopathy myself innumerable times and am a full believer in its efficacy.

A year ago, I made the decision to study herbalism, with the goal of becoming an herbalist. I’ve always had a love for plants and a belief that the earth has provided us with all the medicine we need. I began taking courses through Wild Rose College of Natural Medicine and reading various books, attending courses and such. I still have a passionate desire to learn more about plant healing and medicine. However, as I began my studies, I discovered that treating others with herbs is not a very regulated industry in Canada. Anyone can take some courses online and call themselves an herbalist. For myself, I feel for a long term career choice, that it is important to have some type of regulation in the field I want to study. I believe it adds a certain amount of immediate trust with a potential client, knowing that homeopathy is a regulated industry.

After taking a couple of online courses for herbalism, I also realized that reading books and taking tests does not work well with my own personal learning style. I learn best with more hands-on, real-life application of information I am trying to retain. My sister shared with me the type of course work she has been involved with through her studies at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. I was so thrilled to see the types of work she was producing, that went much more beyond basic retention of information.

My overall lifestyle the past 12 years, since having children, has become very flexible. We chose to homeschool our children from the beginning, partly because I appreciate the flexibility that comes with that; the flexibility in what my children learn, but also in our daily routine. As my children get older and have greater independence, I am seeking a career choice that fits within our type of living. For me, this means being self-employed. I have started up several small online businesses in the past few years and particularly enjoyed being my own boss. I cant see myself sitting in an office or working for a large company. As well, we have long term plans to move somewhere out in the country, and my job needs to be able to accommodate this desire. And above all, I want to work on something that I feel very passionately about, that I feel will help others and overall make the world a better place.

As I’ve stated previously, I will continue with my herbalism studies, though on the side. As well as learn other energy healing modalities that I feel drawn to. I envision myself combining homeopathy with herbs and knowledge of how the energetic body works. I plan to continue to study and learn about that which I dont know. I am so excited for all that I have to learn about.

Overall, after much personal reflection, I’ve decided that becoming a homeopath would be the best career path choice for myself. I feel intensely drawn to use and understand homeopathics and to aid others with their own healing. Homeopathics have helped me and my family be our best selves. I want to share this knowledge and assistance with others.

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