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  • I wanted to pass along some feedback from the weekend courses. Monica is wonderful, her presentation helped everyone in the class and her way of narrowing down the case symptoms was very helpful. Joe on Sunday introduced us to a way of studying the remedies that worked for me very...
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  • This Acute role play course was such a great learning experience and also a lot of fun! The actors were playing their patient roles so well.  And the learning experience is not over for me because I took a lot of notes for every case and after submitting my own...
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  • I  am a distance student from Texas. I  really enjoyed  Lisa’s presentation on “Womens Issues.” She always does a stellar job of presentation of material.  I also enjoy her approach on teaching on the tapes within my lessons. She makes it very easy to understand and see the remedies true...
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  • I wanted to email you to let you know that i am FINALLY a registered homeopath! It took awhile, but I finally made it. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your support, encouragement and kindness. The constant support you gave me through the years I was...
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  • Even thoough the homework seems the equivalent of writing a term paper each week,  I'm still enjoying the program immensely.  I'm very impressed at how well it's planned out, adding (what seems like, ha ha) a "simple step"  gradually,  covering particular remedies which turns out to be a properly timed review,...
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  • “I absolutely loved my time there studying, some of the most enjoyable time of my life. The kindness and generosity extended to everyone has always stuck with me”

  • I am writing to express my gratitude for being able to attend and take part in your wonderful in class program at CCHM.  The whole process from beginning to end what a long one for me, but the last 3 years of class have flown by. Before choosing a school...
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  • This is my testimony about the live classes at CCHM. Date: 8-15-19 My first experience with homeopathy was the immediate eradication of mastitis. Then I took our 5 kids. I felt called to homeopathy to share healing that I had experienced and tell my fellow man, woman and child about...
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  • Thank you for a wonderful weekend. The perspective of case taking that we learned this weekend was exactly what we needed at this stage of our homeopathy training. I will always appreciate and be grateful to you for showing me this path.

Who’s Cure is it Anyway? Embracing Homeopathy from an Allopathic Background

Leah, RN, Vancouver

Despite advances in modern medicine, our society is plagued with disease and suffering. Mental health concerns have increased significantly in recent years, and chronic disease, allergy and cancer rates continue to climb. Furthermore, many diseases remain with symptom management as the only treatment option available in conventional medicine, despite these advances. It is irrefutable that conventional medicine has given us many gifts, from antibiotics to chemotherapy, and fostered hope by creating treatments for illnesses that would have been fatal 100 years ago. However, the success of these treatments has led many of us to forget that humans are self-healing creatures, leaving us reaching for prescription medications at the first signs of illness. This overuse of medication for benign illnesses has led to the development of superbugs in the natural world and weakened immune systems in humans. It is time that we begin to return to natural and self-healing methods, if not completely then at least to supplement conventional medicine in order to improve world health overall. 

I have been a registered nurse for 3 years. While this doesn’t seem like a lot of time, I have seen hundreds of people throughout the life stages of birth to death, and been witness to miracles, healing, suffering and mourning. I have connected with people and my life has been deeply affected by my interactions with them. Meeting and working with so many people a day, I have begun to develop an intuition about the state of being of those around me that can not be measured by objective methods. This led me to my strong belief in the power that the energy we cannot see has on our lives. The energetic disposition of a being is a topic I have only recently begun educating myself on, and one that was only touched upon in nursing school. It would make sense that certain people respond better to certain remedies based on their physical, emotional and spiritual dispositions as well as their current vibrational frequencies. Yet, this idea is largely ignored or refuted in modern medicine. 

Because of this, the idea of a central cause for seemingly unrelated symptoms is not often considered, leading to a multitude of different medications and treatments being given for the patients’ various ailments. As the patient moves through the medical system, they are seen by many doctors and specialists, each with their own ideas, visions and goals for care. The overall care thus begins to look like a patchwork quilt in which so many different treatments and medications are being used that it becomes impossible to tell what is causing or covering what. The original ailment can become lost in a never-ending patch job as their health deteriorates further. 

There is no doubt that millions of people’s health has improved and lives have been saved thanks to advances in modern medicine, but time constraints and budget cuts have led to a very busy medical atmosphere in which holistic assessments are nearly impossible. I have even caught myself applying “patches” in the form of symptomatic control due to a lack of time in a busy shift for true investigation of the cause. This patching has happened frequently before my eyes in my short tenure as an RN, and I have begun to wonder what more can be done. What is the conventional medical system missing that allows some people’s health to continue to deteriorate despite treatment by some of the top medical doctors? I believe that the application of the principle of holism, or the interconnectedness of our various body parts with our minds and environments, is what is missing. Holism explains why a disruption in the vital force may be seen in various areas of the body and produce symptoms that appear not to be connected. 

As a nurse, I do have the best intentions to provide holistic care and treatment that takes into account personal and socioeconomic factors, and it disturbs me when I am not able to provide this due to the busy and budgeted environment in which I work. Allopathic or conventional medicine has provided care and cure for countless people throughout the ages. I do not aim to demonize this system in any way, and I continue to support it both verbally, and physically as a nurse. However, a gentle universal shift toward incorporating more holistic and natural models of medicine into this system is necessary in our society that has become plagued with chronic diseases. Especially if we ever hope to recover via inner cure and return to homeostasis rather than simply symptom control, which homeopathy terms merely a suppression of disease.

My limited understanding of Homeopathy is that it is both an art and a science, both powerful and gentle, and both profound and controversial. There are differing opinions and theories on why or how it could or couldn’t work, but the ones that resonated most deeply with me, were the success stories. A tale of healing requires no scientific backing or mechanism of action, it simply is. An individual suffered from a chronic illness, and then they didn’t. The reasons remain to be fully seen, but the efficacy is clear. After reading these stories, my interest was immediately peaked, and the fact that homeopathy addresses the central cause, or disruption in the vital force, only intrigued me further. I began researching homeopathy and went to see one myself for further clarity on the topic. I spoke to two practicing homeopaths about their experiences and began thinking about how to make my own career of it. Throughout my personal exploration on the topic, one thing definitely became clear - I want to become involved in this form of medicine, a form that encompasses true cure. 

I believe I stand at a beneficial vantage point to enter this field given my nursing background.  I have a medical understanding of the workings of the physical human body, and I understand the way modern medicine operates. I understand the goals of care and many of the options available for treatment under a medical doctor. By nature of this, I also know many of the limitations, and the areas that conventional medicine falls short. I believe that as a homeopath I could provide gentle and effective homeopathic care for those that require only this, and also be well equipped to support other patients homoeopathically through their conventional medical treatments. I would hope to be able to provide relief of side effects of conventional treatment while also strengthening the patient’s immunity and providing homeopathic alternatives where safe and appropriate. 

I do not believe that homeopathy should completely replace conventional medicine, as modern medicine has provided countless benefits and successes that have been well documented. I do believe however, that if a person were to combine the two methods in their care, they would come much closer to holistic wellness than if they never sought alternative methods to supplement the care of their MD. When a diagnosis cannot be made by conventional methods, or when a diagnosis is made and it is time to decide on treatment, homeopathy is an excellent option as it cures by addressing the central cause of illness while also strengthening one’s own immunity. It is unfortunate that the innate ability of a human being to heal itself has been forgotten or suppressed in our society and medical system. However, through my journey to become a homeopath and provide natural healing, I aim to help bring this ability back into the light. I am tired of being part of a flawed medical system while waiting for the next big scientific breakthrough that claims it can deliver us all to wellness. I want to be part of a curative solution now - I want to become a homeopath. 

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