What's New at CCHM? RADAR Software Training!

You might be thinking what the hell is RADAR and what does it have to with Homeopathy?

Imagine you were a Homeopath practicing in Hahnemann’s time.  Can you imagine recording every remedy listed in each of the rubrics you chose?  Well that is exactly what all of the old master Homeopaths had to do.  It was obviously a painstaking process that took several hours.

Luckily for us, as modern Homeopaths, we have wonderful computer software available to us to help us narrow down the selection of a remedy.  Although we still need a thorough understanding of materia medica, software programs like RADAR really can do amazing things.  Our modern software actually does a lot more than just searching for rubrics.   They even can search materia medicas in the exact words your patient just said to you.  You can compare symptoms in similar remedies.  I particularly love the fact that you can access the old Homeopathic journals in RADAR specifically.

Today, we are lucky to have American Homeopath Kim Elia training students and alumni at CCHM to become more familiar with all of the functions of RADAR.  In addition, there is a new version of the program called OPUS which unifies a repertory, materia medica and patient management tools all in one software.  I was amazed of all of the things OPUS can do that I didn’t know about and how easy it is to use!

To see a video demo on RADAR OPUS, click here http://www.wholehealthnow.com/homeopathy_software/opus/

If you are a Homeopath or a Homeopathic student who has never had the pleasure of hearing Kim lecture, you are in for a treat.  Kim is dynamic and has the ability to engage his audience no matter if the topic is materia medica, case analysis or RADAR.  If you are a Homeopath or a Homeopathic student who would like to find out about the next RADAR OPUS training, e-mail Stephanie Ficele, our Marketing & Communications Maven at [email protected]



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