What's New at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine

Our New Look:

In our last blog post, you heard about many of the changes happening at CCHM.  You can also see many of these changes at the College's office.  Our reception area is freshly painted with a beautiful light blue colour that creates a profound feeling of calm.  Our new logo is also on display.

Student Internship Clinic:

Today is our final day of accepting new patients in our student internship clinic.  The clinic usually fills up very quickly and we have had some very interesting cases this year.  If you are interested in accessing the student clinic in September, call us to get on our waiting list now.

CCHM at York University:

We were recently invited to York University's Faculty of Health Career Fair.  It was a great success.  CCHM met approximately 100 people looking to learn about the program or just interested in learning more about Homeopathy.  The awareness about Homeopathy and other holistic medicines is vast and things are very much changing with our post-secondary institutions.  Stephanie Ficele, who staffed our table at this event remarked that " I was told on several occassions that students are taught about the history of Homeopathy and other medicines in class at York University.  CCHM has had a wonderful experience at York University- they are very inviting and supportive to their students' requests and students are requesting more information about Homeopathy.

Holistic Dentistry Lecture:

On Monday March 7th, we hosted Dr. Michael Shechter for a lecture on Holistic Dentistry.  Our current students were able to learn a lot about the important of dental health and how it is connected with our overall health.  What a very informative evening!  Dr. Schechter shared his belief that disease is not solely local but an expression of imbalance in the entire organism.  In his dental practice, he believes it is very important to take a holistic approach to healing which includes the use of the least toxic dental materials he can find.  He also spoke of using acute remedies for infections and to help patients more quickly recover from dental procedures.


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