Turning the Desire to Help Others Into a Long Term Career with the Study of Homeopathy

From Delainey M., Fort Myers, Florida

Homeopathy has saved me and my family members' lives numerous times. I can't efficiently explain how much it has improved our health and expanded our mindsets - from common colds, to mental disorders, and day-to-day energy shifting. It is something I am immensely grateful for and appreciate astronomically.

I feel that understanding and practicing homeopathy to the best of my ability will be beneficial to both me and others. Since I was a small child, I have been focused on, and passionate about, helping others in the most pure and organic way possible. Being able to help others as a homeopath would allow me to continue this journey.

I have seen what allopathic medicine can do in terms of damaging the body and mind on a long-term basis. I also have seen how conditioned people can become to accepting the side effects of pharmaceutical medicines. It is hard for such people to understand, accept, or even consider a homeopathic alternative. In my journey, I want to be the change in those people's minds and help them understand the alternative and natural point of view.

I believe there will be high demand in the near future for natural alternatives such as homeopathy due to the dramatic increase of poor health in our population. I am especially interested in assisting vaccine damaged children because that is an unrecognized epidemic in every part of the globe, with few avenues for help. Not only have I read about what homeopathy can do for kids with vaccinosis or reactions to allopathic medicine, but I have personally lived through it. When I was six, my younger brother was diagnosed with autism at the age of 18 months due to an encephalitic reaction to the DTaP vaccine which also caused him many other health problems.

This issuse started my family on a long journey. We knew only allopathic medicine and were receiving no help from our family practitioner. It was not until my mom started learning about diet and natural alternatives including homeopathy, and took it into her own hands, that we saw an improvement in him. At two and a half, he was nonverbal, banged his head on the wall and floor, spun in circles, licked things, and didn't play like a normal toddler. He was also allergic to all but eight foods and had to eat a gluten/casein/soy/corn-free diet.

With his first couple of doses, we started seeing small improvements. After six months or so, and his third dose, was when he had the miraculous improvement. He was fully recovered by age four and a half when he could eat a completely normal diet and entered kindergarten at age five with no diagnosis. Seeing this unbelievable change in someone so close to me and witnessing it first- hand really made an impression on me, even at age eight. It did on my mom as well who then studied homeopathy to become a homeopath.

A few years later, I also experienced the power of homeopathy when it cured me of something called HSP (vasculitis and nephritis) and Guillain-Barré after the doctors at a famous children's hospital told my parents "there is nothing we can do." I was paralyzed from the neck down and bleeding from the kidneys and intestines. The nephrology specialist told my parents it could take two years for daily steroids to stop the protein loss from my kidneys (if it helped at all) along with a long list of side effects I would experience. My mom chose not to give me the steroids and nstead started me on a remedy which allowed me to walk again and stopped all symptoms within 6 weeks.

I have watched homeopathy help my family countless times, healing my grandfather's mitral valve prolapse (even though he wasn't a believer in homeopathy), and seeing him live an additional four happy years after a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Now as an adult, this has sparked a flame in me making me realize this is what I want to do for other families. I want other people to feel the same relief from constant stress and heartbreak from having to deal with a sick child that we did. Not only do I want to help with long term illnesses/disorders but I truly want to help in any way that I can. I know homeopathy is capable of being the cure for many things believed to be incurable and is an alternative to life-long anti-depressants and ADHD medication.

The realization that I could turn positive action and my desire to help others into my long-term career has added to my determination to study homeopathy. I have already started studying what I can and practice on myself and those close to me (only practicing what I know). I pay close attention to how what I hear around me relates to our Materia Medica, and have noticed this on a day-to-day basis.

There are many more instances in my life that have driven me toward this type of medicine and overall lifestyle and I know there will be many more to come. I am thankful there are programs like this one that will help educate me about something I care for so deeply. Hopefully I can fulfill my dream of helping others through homeopath; I am excited to start at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine as my first step!

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