The time is right for me to follow my heart...

From Christina G., RN, RMTKingston, Ontario

My father is a psychiatrist and my mother, a clinical psychologist. Both entered their fields when I was one year old. They were devoted to their patients. It was rather intense growing up as our lives revolved around their patients, and in this field typically, patients’ crises. The most important message I took away from the intersection of my childhood and their careers was the value of caring for others in need.

My parents went to great lengths to assist and support their patients and clearly derived satisfaction in being able and available to assist these people in their time of need. During my childhood, my parents, and the community within which we lived strongly embraced the allopathic approach. Despite the ubiquitous nature of this paradigm in my life I always felt there were other ways of healing. I knew of the rich herbal heritage of Africa, the value of hands-on therapies and homeopathy but none of those paths would have been possible to study at that time.

At the age of 19, I was able to take my first massage therapy course but there was no regulatory body at that time and no licensing of practitioners. I left South Africa in 1987, spent fifteen months cycling through Europe and arrived in Canada June of 1988. I started work for Revenue Canada, Customs and Excise in January 1989. I worked in the computer division as a documentation specialist. Although I enjoyed assisting people and helping them to negotiate their computer programs, my first love has always been helping people with all issues related to health.

In 1994 I completed my first course in CranioSacral therapy. I was enchanted by this gentle yet profound therapy. However, to provide good care as a CranioSacral therapist, I felt that I needed more in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, pathology, and the healthcare issues that clients encounter. So, in 1999, I elected to take up nursing to gain that additional healthcare knowledge. After several years in nursing I was able to pursue a Massage Therapy course and gained my Registered Massage Therapist licence in 2014.

 In August 2014 I started part-time work in a psychiatric clinic offering CranioSacral therapy. Despite having to operate within the allopathic approach in nursing, I elected to address my own health issues with homeopathy. I had attended a brief course on homeopathy while living in Ottawa and everything I read made so much sense to me. The ideas resonated with my own understanding of health and how to address the totality of health issues. So, I sought out a homeopathic practitioner and enjoyed the success of the treatments. I am also aware that many of the clients that I treat with CranioSacral therapy would greatly benefit from homeopathy.

Over the past year a good friend of mine has been studying homeopathy through your program and sharing her journey with me. It has awakened in me a strong desire to learn more about and understand this approach to healing. To study in your program is a great opportunity for me. The time is right for me to follow my heart and begin this new journey of learning about homeopathy. I will be retiring from Queen’s University and as a healthcare practitioner I would like to provide clients with the comprehensive and valuable approach to health that homeopathy has to offer.

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