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  • Even thoough the homework seems the equivalent of writing a term paper each week,  I'm still enjoying the program immensely.  I'm very impressed at how well it's planned out, adding (what seems like, ha ha) a "simple step"  gradually,  covering particular remedies which turns out to be a properly timed review,...
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  • I  am a distance student from Texas. I  really enjoyed  Lisa’s presentation on “Womens Issues.” She always does a stellar job of presentation of material.  I also enjoy her approach on teaching on the tapes within my lessons. She makes it very easy to understand and see the remedies true...
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  • Hi Kim,  Just want to thank you for a very informative, challenging yet interesting weekend. I couldn't communicate in the last half of today's lecture due to some mic issues but didn't miss a word you said.  Thank you very much again for sharing a treasure of knowledge with us. you...
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  • I am taking the opportunity to thank Andrea for thoroughly reviewing with me the best practice for selecting  “key symptoms” and how to repertorize them accordingly.  Analysis - paralysis can sometimes be a tendency when  a student, particularly a student with a very detail-oriented and analytical mind.  Also, I very much...
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  • You are so fortunate to have  Dr. Kellerstein as faculty; CCHM is a place for quality study of homeopathic medicine and I refer my chiropractic students to your college for advanced study in homeopathy. I am always so excited when I can touch a student in the chiropractic program to look...
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  • I am writing to express my gratitude for being able to attend and take part in your wonderful in class program at CCHM.  The whole process from beginning to end what a long one for me, but the last 3 years of class have flown by. Before choosing a school...
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  • Lisa is a wonderful presenter and a fabulous teacher! Always a joy to attend anything she teaches about Homeopathy! Thank you, Virginia

  • I wanted to pass along some feedback from the weekend courses. Monica is wonderful, her presentation helped everyone in the class and her way of narrowing down the case symptoms was very helpful. Joe on Sunday introduced us to a way of studying the remedies that worked for me very...
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  • “I absolutely loved my time there studying, some of the most enjoyable time of my life. The kindness and generosity extended to everyone has always stuck with me”

Thoughts on the Toronto Premiere of Just One Drop

By Annalisa Percy, RN and 1st Year CCHM Student  From left: CCHM lecturers Dr. Joe Kellerstein, Jack Gagliardi and Lisa Decandia led a discussion about the film following the show. A fine audience full of homeopathy enthusiasts participated in the after-show discussion.

The director of Just One Drop has a vision of freedom, freedom to choose homeopathy as primary health care, and freedom from the prejudice that sidelines homeopathic practitioners from being able to fully practice in some countries. Though the film speaks to both homeopaths and to those who know nothing of homeopathy, the message is clear - Homeopathy works !

As the film unveils the challenges that have limited current conventional medical opinion of homeopathy’s ability to cure, via studies that have been manipulated, research flawed, in order to force the very allopathic hypothesis that homeopathy is just placebo medicine, we see glaring evidence of deceit and attempts to bury the brilliance of homeopathic success.

The exposé of the cover up the Australian national health set up made it disturbingly evident that we could be at risk for losing our freedom to choose health care choices!

The questions the film seeks to answer are how to educate people about homeopathy and how to support the availability within todays health care structure.

We might ask “are we really progressing forward in health care ?” Seems like the choice of a homeopathic hospital vs an allopathic one was in fact easier 100 years ago!

Many years of history, not so many of understanding….appreciating the intricate theory behind the science and art of homoepathy,

People don’t trust what they cannot quantify with technology - fact or fallacy?

The mystery of how Homoepathy works has long been revered, argued and discussed. How do we keep the fascination of the seeming impossibility of a cure AND the trust in the homeopathic physician.

So for those who are of the “I want to know HOW this works” mindset and like to hear that there is in fact evidence based theory behind the homeopathic cure, step right up - there is a research study (or three) for you as well !

Dr Nancy Malik’s work on nanopharmacology examines nanoparticles in homeopathic medicines as they exert biological effects on the body. She found that nanoparticles cause hormesis which is an adaptive response that is induced by stimulation at low doses and inhibition at high doses. Hormesis is akin to Arndt-Schultz Law which is about non-linearity between dose and response. Hence, it appears that homeopathically prepared remedies may also stimulate a similar response, causing a specific hormesis which, in turn, ensures that homeostasis is maintained, and thus, counteracts illness in a curative manner.”1

Dr Schulls work regarding recent experiments on various homeopathic medicines and their effects on p53 expression have proved promising. To date, he has discovered that homeopathic Thuja (6), Calcarea Carbonica (7), Phytolacca (4), Carcinosin (5), and Chelidonium (1) all have an effect on the up regulation of the p53 protein and have shown to reduce cancerous tissues. These are indeed amazing discoveries with far reaching implications. 2

Energy might not always exist on a plane we can see but it most certainly happens.

So perhaps we focus on how the general public wants very badly to have the quick answer to what is wrong - and to make the symptom disappear.

Most people do not want to listen to an ailing body that will not do as it is told - as in getting to work, earning the salary, and function with no sleep! Thus, for some the science of homeopathy - the beauty of finding the like that which cures like - takes too darn long!! We are in general a society with no time - no time to wait or to heal. Big Pharma ’s urging to take this for that has been etched onto our ability to make decisions.

People are also rather adept at being sick “in parts” so if one has a headache then that offending head must at once be dealt with! Rather than see the pain as a symptom of something that ails the vital force we are only too happy to stomp out the symptom.

On the other hand, since we speak in parts-:) …it could be said quite accurately that many people are frustrated with the overuse of antibiotics and the threat of superbugs, fear the emerging data on vaccine injury and the side effects of allopathic treatments.

And what of the “good citizen” who follows every last word of their ( allopathic) physician and finally wakes up and says “ but wait….I am GETTING SICKER “?! I want to try something else ….and homeopathy has to work …yesterday - cause I just cannot be sick another moment !!”

We should as health practitioners and homeopaths also be aware of WHAT is it that makes people say homeopathy doesn’t work (å la 10²³ ers *) When the “dosing” instructions state take 3 pellets TID and the unsuspecting person aggravates….or the impatient one who takes the remedy until the container is empty believing more is better with faster results.

Have people become too reliant upon “needing to take something” for any kind of healing vs letting the body do its work ….how many physicians have told parents “ no, junior will get better on his on – it is a virus” and parents feel like bad parents unless they can give junior something ! Have we become addicted to the quick fix ?

In time I do believe more and more people will come to see palliation for what it is (not the panacea of cure but hitting the pause button on illness ) and more will seek the truth behind Big Pharma’s propaganda …What will be left but the beautiful simplicity of Hahnemann’s Heilkunst.


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