A Thank-You Letter

From Kerri Flood, HOM, DCHM, CCHM Internship Clinic Teaching Assistant

My first experience with homeopathic medicine was after I had already started my training at CCHM. I started school having never used or known anyone who had used homeopathy – but I had read the Organon of the Medical Art. I was deeply impressed by the concepts and theory of homeopathy, but as a natural skeptic I was cautious and unsure. How could such a powerful and effective medicine be relatively unknown in North America?

Less than two months into my first year of school, one of my cats (see picture) became very sick. He suddenly went from being a social, active creature with a voracious appetite to being aloof, lethargic, and uninterested in food or water. I took him to a veterinarian, and they prescribed some medication and suggested forcing fluids. Having worked in a veterinary clinic in the past, I thought this was bad advice, but I was fearful and I felt powerless to do anything else, so I acquiesced to the “expert.” Within a day, my beloved cat was violently vomiting, retching, and trembling. We rushed him to a new veterinary clinic. He was admitted and hooked up to an IV, and over the next 48 hours numerous treatments were tried. Nothing helped. He was still retching, and he was getting weaker.

On my birthday, the veterinary clinic called me at work and suggested I come and say goodbye to my cat as soon as possible. I was told that he was dreadfully dehydrated, his kidney function was precarious, his veins were collapsing, and he was still retching – albeit weakly.

In desperation, I reached out to the CCHM school community, begging for help. Within minutes I was contacted by a wonderful homeopath with experience treating animals. She asked me about his symptoms and was able to suggest a remedy. I was so new to homeopathy I didn’t even know where to buy remedies! I rushed out of work, found the remedy, and headed to the veterinary clinic.

As I waited nervously in an exam room to see my cat, I prepared myself for the worst, but I was still shocked and horrified when I saw him. He was so much worse than he had been when I dropped him off. He was gaunt, glassy eyed, limp, nonresponsive, and caked with debris.

I pushed two pellets of Arsenicum into his mouth, put my head down on the table, and cried; he was dying. Within minutes I felt the most amazing thing: my cat was licking my forehead! I looked up to see a bright-eyed cat staring at me; he promptly licked my nose and the tears from my cheeks. I got him water, and he drank the whole dish dry! Moments later he was struggling to stand on his bandaged legs, trying to clean himself, and meowing at the animal noises on the other side of the door! I was beyond amazed that two little “sugar pills” could have such an effect. I took him home, and it was like he had never been sick. He went on to live a healthy, happy, vibrant life, and we cherished every moment with him.

Unfortunately, in all the emotional turmoil (and the shock of the vet bill!) I lost the name of the homeopath who helped me. I want to say thank-you again to the mystery homeopath – you saved my cat, and you opened my eyes to the power of homeopathy. It was and still is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.


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