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Successful homeopathic Case

Deb Holcomb, Columbus, Ohio, CCHM alumnus 2012

 www.EmpoweringBetterHealth.Org .

For publication with permission from both myself and my client.

My practice is going well.  The first year built from one client a month to 12.  The second year managed to maintain approx. 12 - 15 follow ups and 3-4 new cases per month.  I am now seeing 15-20 follow ups and 5-8 new cases a month.  Word spreads and with a success rate helping  clients of approximately 85% I am managing to build a steady reputation with stability.  The remaining 15% reflects some that  just don't want to get well so any increase in vitality scares them, or such low vital force that palliating their deep state of poor health is all that can be done.  I have a few difficult cases but do see improvement.  Patience and self-control in not jumping too quickly into multiple remedies is important. However, I am able to move more easily working through a wide range of remedies as the symptom pictures change.  I have over 500 on hand with many nosodes which I use very sparingly and continue to gain confidence as I use them with success.  After gaining some equilibrium I can move into a more constitutional remedy with the client and many times move them over to a liquid with  a very small dropper bottle.  This way they are able to succuss the remedy and continue increasing the depth as they use the drops.  We work together to determine the timing of the doses.  It has been quite helpful.


In order to help the general public in understanding the value of homeopathy and becoming aware of the body, I am co-writing a book with a client who so beautifully moved and strengthened her expression from the physical, the mental, emotional and finally even her spiritual self.  She started with water on her right lung (doctors didn’t know how to get rid of it without infusions of which it immediately came back) Lupus, Sjögren's, and arthritis were all conditions she was facing when we started.  She was in a pretty compromised state and had 4 specialists and her GP telling her themany medications she needed to be taking.  Big areas of contention with her health reflected:  sleep for only an hour at a time due to dry eyes that would glue shut each hour, dry and bloody mouth, weakness with no stamina, and limited breathing which also limited her exercise as she could not walk down the block.  It has been 1.5 years and she has changed her diet, supplementing, moving through the remedies as they dictate and been committed to taking her health back into her own hands.  Along the way she has been on three homeopathic remedies.  She has given such beautiful feed back at least weekly, I have it documented in email and in texts.  Unbelievable.  She has agreed to work with me to publish together our story as a way if illustrating how homeopathy and a commitment to growing awareness of self - can bring about a life worth living.  She is now able to drive long distances, including this past summer by herself to the upper peninsula of MI (10 hours drive), can hike 3 – 4 miles, and can sleep for 8 – 10 hours with ease and uninterrupted.


I have treated her son, her husband, her best friend (intestinal cancer - highest form of chemo, 12 doses over 24 weeks - just came out of it and doing well with new protocols), her friends and horses.  (some of these testimonials are on my web site).  I am now working with many of her friends.


In addition, I am trying to speak at health food stores and partnering with MD’s, Chiropractors, Herbalists and the like, at least once a month doing educational lectures.  This helps a bit in the surrounding communities to share what homeopathy is and how it can be safely used along side current Rx protocols.  I have also been asked to write articles of which one is currently posted on my web site.


This line of work just takes time and a little diligence to find a rhythm that works.  I find myself constantly reviewing cases and researching.  This truly is my dharma.  There are days with difficult cases where doubt can arise, but almost immediately I will receive a text or email from another client sharing the amazing improvements they are having and I am renewed in my faith of what homeopathy can accomplish.  Perseverance, shifting perspectives and patience win in the end.

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