"By strengthening their vital force instead of suppressing it with allopathic treatments, we give them the gift of health and wellness."


From Michelle M., Yonkers, NY.

Like many others, I came to love homeopathy through my own personal experiences with it. For years, I sought after ways to improve my health. I knew that conventional medicine wasn't the answer. I was seeking something natural. I made dietary changes, exercised and took supplements. I tried meditation, acupuncture and chiropractic care.

When my son was born, I thought he would be so much healthier than I was when I was a child because I was living a healthier lifestyle and so he would too. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. In his first year, I noticed some things that worried me. At 8 months he developed a shoulder tic. When he turned 1, his sleep deteriorated. I began researching about circadian rhythms and food sensitivities and anything else I could think of. At 2 1/2 he started exhibiting other symptoms. I was determined to help him. I dedicated myself to searching for ways to truly heal the body. Some of his symptoms mimicked autism, but his pediatrician said he wasn't autistic. We quickly realized that his reactions intensified after eating certain foods. My husband and I made a decision to try the GAPS Protocol. It was such a difficult experience. We had a baby on the way and cooking everything from scratch was time consuming. Getting him to actually eat the food we prepared was sometimes impossible. The protocol calls for probiotics and fermented foods which caused a healing crisis every time we increased the amount. It was anything but gentle.

A year later, he showed some improvement, but was still exhibiting symptoms. I felt so discouraged. While researching natural ways to raise his iron levels, I came across Ferr Phos, the cell salt. I began researching homeopathy and realized that I had actually used homeopathic remedies before and they worked! The Belladonna that quickly put my son to sleep when he was teething. The Caulophyllum, Cimicifuga and Gelsemium that my homebirth midwives prescribed when I was overdue and labor wasn't commencing. The Arnica I took afterwards. The answer was right there.

I found a homeopath and scheduled an appointment for my son. The first remedy, Medorrhinum, made things significantly worse but we saw a clear change in personality. Lycopodium was prescribed. The bossiness, controlling and demanding behavior decreased. He wasn't as hyperactive. He slept better. He didn't space out or stim as often. Instead of running around in circles for an hour, it was reduced to 5-10 minutes. He became more affectionate. He wasn't as anxious around other children. It was life changing.

When my youngest turned one, I sought constitutional treatment for him as well. Afterwards, I began thinking about what happens when a parent uses homeopathy to help their children overcome illness. By strengthening their vital force instead of suppressing it with allopathic treatments, we give them the gift of health and wellness. When adults who were treated with homeopathy throughout their childhood have children, these children are less susceptible to disease. My decision to treat my children with homeopathy is one that will affect future generations. I'm sure this is common knowledge in the homeopathic community, but it was quite a revelation to me.

Since then, my interest in homeopathy has grown into a passion. To be able to help someone who feels as discouraged as I once felt and to assist them in improving their quality of life is something I long to do. A profession that combines this desire to help others, my love of research, analysis and health and wellness is well suited for me. I love Homeopathy because it truly is a wholistic modality. It takes into account the mental and emotional symptoms and not just the physical ones. Everything is connected and each part of the individual is important. It treats each person as a unique individual with their own set of experiences and needs. This is something that resonates with me.

My husband and I are now also receiving constitutional treatment. It has been one of the best decisions we have made for our family and I hope to help others as we have been helped.

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