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  • I've finished the video cases - they were great, I learned so much and Monica was such a positive resource.  I really felt she cared about how I was doing and guided me without making me feel incompetent.

  • This is my testimony about the live classes at CCHM. Date: 8-15-19 My first experience with homeopathy was the immediate eradication of mastitis. Then I took our 5 kids. I felt called to homeopathy to share healing that I had experienced and tell my fellow man, woman and child about...
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  • Lisa is a wonderful presenter and a fabulous teacher! Always a joy to attend anything she teaches about Homeopathy! Thank you, Virginia

  • Having returned in April from a trip to Taiwan and the Phillipines, I would like to tell you how homeopathy ‘saved the day’ as per usual!  Since I never travel anywhere without my kit, I was especially glad to have brought it on this trip.  Personally, I used remedies for...
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  • Thank you for this most exceptional experience (as I wipe my tears..). I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for this privilege to study with such exceptional teachers, students and administration. What a gift and a blessing. As Voltaire said “with great privilege comes great responsibility”. I...
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  • Even thoough the homework seems the equivalent of writing a term paper each week,  I'm still enjoying the program immensely.  I'm very impressed at how well it's planned out, adding (what seems like, ha ha) a "simple step"  gradually,  covering particular remedies which turns out to be a properly timed review,...
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  • “I absolutely loved my time there studying, some of the most enjoyable time of my life. The kindness and generosity extended to everyone has always stuck with me”

  • "I am extremely grateful for the experiences I gained in just two years of learning, and also for having a very helpful, bright and kind group of classmates. I couldn’t have done anything without their support and non-judgemental opinions. I appreciated their warm welcomes and cheers every time I entered...
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  • I am quite impressed with the program at CCHM. I was able to catch up easily with the online format and join my class before the end of the first term. Homepathy is exactly what I was looking for to fill the gap in my practice, it will allow me...
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As Samuel Hahnemann once said, “The highest ideal of cure is the speedy, gentle and enduring restoration of health by the most trustworthy and least harmful way.”

From JD, Newkmarket, Ontario

As Samuel Hahnemann once said, “The highest ideal of cure is the speedy, gentle and enduring restoration of health by the most trustworthy and least harmful way.” Homeopathic Medicine is the heart of this concept, to bring about balance in the body by gentle, safe and effective treatment utilizing the vital force within us. My own experiences with homeopathy have allowed me to venture into this field. I have always had an interest in the energetics of medicine; and I believe by studying this great holistic modality, it will help me grow to become a proficient homeopath to help those in need.

As a future Homeopath, I plan on working with many patients who suffer from a wide range of mental, emotional and physical health challenges. Growing up, homeopathy has made such a positive and beneficial affect on my life and has made me very well understand that medicine is energy not only to the physical body but to our mental, emotional and societal wellbeing as well. Everything we intake affects us and we as individuals can easily be thrown off of our homeostatic equilibrium, which can be restored using the vital force by homeopathic treatment.

 As a child I suffered from digestive complications which lead me down paths of many other health issues such as becoming anemic to having severe GERD and allergies. Due to my health challenges it affected my mental and emotional health as well; and I was not able to even attend university properly as I was physically exhausted as my health condition grew worse day by day.  After quite a bit of research, I discovered homeopathy and after visiting a homeopath, I realized the importance of holistic medicine and its impact on life itself!

I came to realize that homeopathic remedies focus on a wide spectrum of issues a patient suffers from in their emotional, mental and physical life. I was matched with a remedy and I saw a difference within a few weeks, I could feel my energy restored back to balance. This one visit changed my life and ignited a desire within me to dive into the depths further to explore this field.

Homeopathy touches all corner of health and wellbeing through an individualized technique by the core of its concept – energetics! Health challenges being presented today by many individuals, are not responded well by mainstream medicine rather they are better treated with energetic medicine and holistic treatment. Each and every individual is different, as such, so are their experiences with disease and the symptomology. Hence, why I believe that they require their own individualized care instead of being treated based on just the name of their condition.

Health is the embodiment to acknowledge the higher sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. I look forward to studying homeopathy at CCHM because of its unique approach to dissect the fundamental elements of homeopathy in a therapeutic and natural methodology in their comprehensive and well-structured program. I am always willing to learn and grow as I embark on this journey of studying homeopathy. I am thankful for this opportunity to be applying to the homeopathy program and would like to extend my gratitude for taking the time in reviewing my application.

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