What if your dog suddenly went into an epileptic seizure? What can you do when a bird strikes your window pane and lies deeply stunned on the ground? How do you help yourself when you have had a severe shock? How do you deal with sudden panic attacks? I reach for Rescue Remedy.

I have seen a beloved dog instantly stop his seizure as soon as he received a spray of Rescue Remedy. Once I suffered from panic attacks on airplanes – now I fly with ease. Sudden bad news or any kind of shock to my system, I reach for Rescue Remedy and feel instantly settled.However, the most impressive story I have witnessed is the reversal of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

First a little history... Dr. Edward Bach, the creator of Rescue Remedy, was a British surgeon who also studied bacteriology, immunology and homeopathy during his career. He realized that people responded differently to illness and as a result his interest lay in treating the person as a whole rather than a symptomatic approach. Dr Bach became dissatisfied with orthodox medicine and was convinced there must be a system of healing based purely in nature. In the late 1920s he gave up his lucrative London practice and moved to the country where he spent many years searching for and developing his comprehensive line of 38 flower essences. One of these essences was a combination of five different flower essences: Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Rock Rose. Dr. Bach called it both “Five Flower Essence” and “Rescue Remedy” and he used it to help with emergency situations involving shock.

Now the story....I decided to call a friend whom I hadn’t spoken to for awhile. I was devastated to hear that he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of a brain cyst diagnosis 2 years ago. He had a successful operation but the trauma of the diagnosis and the fear of the possible outcome had created deep anxiety. He told me he was now virtually confined to his home – afraid of other people, afraid of life, deeply depressed and in a state of constant anxiety. We had a long conversation and while we spoke and he told me of his symptoms several homeopathic remedies ran through my mind. Yet, for several reasons (one of them being I was several provinces away from him) I didn’t want to treat him homeopathically right away.

Then I remembered Rescue Remedy. I knew it was simple, there was a possibility of quick results and it was readily available. I mentioned it to my friend and he arranged to get a bottle that day. Two days later I received an email which started out “THANK YOU”. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. His anxiety levels had tapered off to a few attacks a day which he could deal with by taking Rescue Remedy. Not only did he have Rescue Remedy drops - he had also purchased Rescue Remedy gum, pastille and spray, and “Rescue Sleep” for his wife who had insomnia as a result of the stressful living situation. He was absolutely amazed in the difference he was feeling. After a few weeks he was able to taper off his anxiety medicationcompletelt. He only needs to take Rescue Remedy on occassion. With the settled anxiety Levels, he noticed an underlying depression that had settled into his mental/e,otional landscape. This is now being treated homeopathically.

I hope this inspires you to purchase a bottle of Recue Remedy and to keep it with you at all times. What a gift it has proven to be for my friend. How miraculously my dog recovered as soon as the remedy touched his mouth. Rescue Remedy is truly a powerful healer. Thank you Dr. Bach!!

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