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  • This Acute role play course was such a great learning experience and also a lot of fun! The actors were playing their patient roles so well.  And the learning experience is not over for me because I took a lot of notes for every case and after submitting my own...
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  • I am taking the opportunity to thank Andrea for thoroughly reviewing with me the best practice for selecting  “key symptoms” and how to repertorize them accordingly.  Analysis - paralysis can sometimes be a tendency when  a student, particularly a student with a very detail-oriented and analytical mind.  Also, I very much...
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  • Lisa is a wonderful presenter and a fabulous teacher! Always a joy to attend anything she teaches about Homeopathy! Thank you, Virginia

  • Having returned in April from a trip to Taiwan and the Phillipines, I would like to tell you how homeopathy ‘saved the day’ as per usual!  Since I never travel anywhere without my kit, I was especially glad to have brought it on this trip.  Personally, I used remedies for...
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  • I wanted to email you to let you know that i am FINALLY a registered homeopath! It took awhile, but I finally made it. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your support, encouragement and kindness. The constant support you gave me through the years I was...
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  • I've finished the video cases - they were great, I learned so much and Monica was such a positive resource.  I really felt she cared about how I was doing and guided me without making me feel incompetent.

  • “This year was not only a challenge, but had unexpected obstacles. The faculty really pulled through with providing us with what we needed to keep things going. And here we are!  I think I speak for all the students when I say thank you to the CCHM team for helping us pull through...
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  • "The more you learn in homeopathy, the more you discover there is to learn. I was approaching the end of my final year of homeopathic education, and as much as I had learned, I was eager to maintain my momentum, extend my learning and application of this powerful medicine, and...
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  • Since the first time I took extra credits in homeopathy, I noticed that the learning I had from CCHM was complete.  I had the basics, the knowledge, the know how that other homeopaths in my class were struggling with. I am grateful for the thorough homeopathic training I got at...
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  • It's a privilege to be part of CCHM and study the amazing program you offer. I have received a great benefit from my studies, from the comfort of my own home, at my own pace. I have nothing but great things to say about your school and all your staff.

A radio interview with a Recent Graduate from CCHM

The small, rural town of Erin has a population of about 12,000 and is home to notable residents such as Gordon Downie (Lead singer of the Tragically Hip) and Mike Clattenburg (Film Maker). So when I was invited for an interview on the Erin Main Street Radioʼs “Business Intelligence” show to showcase my homeopathic practice I jumped at the opportunity to showcase Homeopathy. After being approached by Jane Farris, one of the shows journalists, and asked to do the show I was excited, nervous and thrilled all at the same time (but mostly nervous). I, of course, accepted and then anticipation set in. What did I do? Took a dose of the homeopathic remedy, Gelsemium, about half an hour before I was to be interviewed - live! (Gelsemium: Trembling, stage fright, forgetfulness, complaints when anticipating an event)

My 30 minute interview aired on CHES 88.1FM on Monday October 29th and started off with the question: What is Homeopathy? I kept my answer simple: Homeopathy is a system of medicine that uses diluted substances which stimulates the body the heal. To a homeopath, health is being free of symptoms on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Where and how does one become a homeopath? The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine is the only Canadian college fully accredited by ACHENA which is where I chose to pursue my studies and professional training in becoming a Homeopathic Practitioner. The 3 year program consists of over 1600 hours of clinical training as well as Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition, Pathophysiology, Physical Examination, and the homeopathic approach to specific clinical conditions, such as: neurology, immunology, gastroenterology, gynecology, urology, rheumatology, respirology, proctology, dermatology, gerontology, cardiology and psychology/psychiatry.

Can you share an experience that is most memorable with relation to your practice of Homeopathy? There was one clinic patient experience, a teenager, who came to the CCHM intern clinic with complaints of warts which surrounded the nail-beds of both fingers and toes. The patient had been dealing with these warts for several years and chose homeopathy as a last resort. We took the case, prescribed a remedy and then scheduled a follow up appointment for the patient in 3 weeks. At the follow up appointment, the patient seemed different - maybe it was the smile that I hadnʼt seen in the initial appointment, or the eye contact. The we looked at the patients fingers and toes, and the warts...were gone! I was shocked and so happy for the patient.

What kind of conditions do you treat? I treat conditions such as depression, loss & grief, emotional eating, stress, musculoskeletal issues, anemia, acute complaints and childrenʼs issues to name a few.

How does one find you? I have two locations where I treat patients. At my private home clinic, Clarity Homeopathy, as well as at the local health food store, Treehaven. I can be reached at 519-993-3254 / [email protected] /

After some small talk the interview ended and so began the friendships that have since followed. After residing in Erin for over 6 years, I have officially been accepted into the community and respected as a Professional. I take great joy in my practice of homeopathic medicine and am very thankful for the privilege of utilizing the art of Homeopath and for the opportunity to share my story on the air on Main Street Radio.

Sherri McKnight, DCHomMed Graduate of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, 2012. Owner of Clarity Health Care in Erin, Ontario [email protected]

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