From Our First Distance Student in Afghanistan!

homeopathic pellets and vials

Fatima Z., Kabul, Afghanistan

My name is Fatima Z. and I live with my four children and husband in Kabul, Afghanistan. For over a decade now, I have been deeply interested in homeopathic medicine.  While in my teens, I was inspired by uncle who is a homeopathic practitioner, he used to treat us with the medicine since then.

After getting married in 2004 in Washington, DC, I took 12 tissue salt with me for daily use.  I saw and felt the impact of these tissue salts and realized how useful they were.  In 2006, my first child, Farah, was born.  As she grew, I started to give her homeopathic medicine, especially when she was teething and it helped her a great deal. I have been using homeopathic remedies for common colds, cough, allergies, ear aches, anxiety, and insomnia. These medicines have impacted positively on the health of many without side effects as compared to allopathy.

I kept reading extensively on Homeopathic medicine and started to do much research online.

Then I moved to Afghanistan 2008 where we lived in a rather large crowded household.  Slowly, I started to provide treatment with homeopathic medicine to family members, friends and others. All the people I would give medicine to would return with positive results and bring other individuals.

Afghanistan is not familiar with homeopathy and I would like to introduce this alternative medicine to my fellow citizen. It is underdeveloped country and the standard of living is poor, which directly affects their immune system causing health problems. I feel by treating them with homeopathy, many Afghan families can be cured.

My kids are slowly growing and going to school now.  Thus, I have time at home to invest my time in getting a formal education in the field of Homeopathic Medicine. After much research, I came across your university and am thus applying for CCHMʼs comprehensive, three-year program.

After completing my diploma from your prestigious institute, I would like to open a homeopathic clinic in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan and provide quality treatment and medicine to our people.  It would be a great privilege and honor to help the less fortunate and try to treat them with homeopathic medicine that has been introduced for hundreds of years.

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