My pursuit is wellness. My search is Homeopathy. I choose you, CCHM.

From Jessica S., RN, Windsor.

I write to today to tell you about my journey, a journey that brought me to you. It’s a journey dating back to 2002. I embarked on a pursuit of knowledge, honour, and dedication to helping people find wellness.

It all started in a busy doctor’s office long ago. I was the “file girl”. I made sure all of the test results, consults and referral letters made it into the appropriate patient files. Sounds boring, I know.

Being a girl in my mid 20’s, I struggled for many years with “daddy issues”, low self confidence and general high-risk behaviours due to lack of structure within my own control. I didn’t know what an antidepressant was, nor did I know of side effects, the evil lurking in the wings. The physician I worked with helped me to straighten out my ways; exercise, less alcohol, and the evil within- Celexa and Ativan!!!

At the time, the medication was exactly what I needed. It gave me clarity, it gave me direction. I applied for pre-health science at St. Clair College in Windsor. I wanted to be a nurse. I had no idea what a nurse did, or the intense responsibility of one. I heard they were well respected in the community. When you heard “So and so is a nurse”, people would say “oh very nice”. I didn’t know the pay. I certainly didn’t know you’d have to put your hand where the sun didn’t shine and mostly, you had to be compassionate every step of the way.

Once accepted to the pre-health science nursing program, I was excited, ambitious, ready to start an unknown path to “helping people”. Two years done, acceptance to the collaborative program of nursing. Here we go. This was a challenge I had never imagined. It was like I was had started school in kindergarten again. The program was very task oriented, procedures, organization, strict teachers, and so much information. I wasn’t sure how I’d obtain so much information. How would I know how to apply it, when to apply, and which patients to apply it to? Graduation came, I’m done, now what??

This whole time I’m thinking the big pharma medication is the reason for my success. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to focus. There must be magic in these little pills that numb my brain and help me focus.

Working as a nurse is taxing. I’ve seen patients at their worst, I’ve seen them at their best. I never imagined in my 31 years that I’d see such horror, devastation, sadness. I thought my story was the saddest of all. Working in health care opened my eyes to things most people will never see in their lives. Working in Detroit, I’ve witness the things you thought only happened on the television, in the news, on a late Saturday night.

Once I started to feel burnt out, I began taking Effexor, thinking it would help with emotional unbalance I didn’t imagine I could heal any other way. I was taught that medication was the only way.

This is where my holistic path began.

My family and I are sitting on a beautiful hot and sunny beach in St. Catherine’s for my grandma’s 90th birthday. The sun was so hot that day that my dad had blisters on the bottoms of his feet from walking barefoot in the sand. I hadn’t applied sunscreen all day because I thought my somewhat olive complexion could withstand the sun damage.

The following morning, I awoke with the worst case of sun stroke and heat blisters, down my spine, I’d ever encountered in my life. I couldn’t move, walk, or even get out of bed. For three days I was bed bound. During this time, my Effexor prescription has run out. As if the sun scorn was not enough, being hit with intense withdrawal of antidepressant medication made me pray for death.

I began researching alternative processes to heal my “depression”. The burn I could live with, it was the adverse drug reactions to big pharma that was unbearable. This is where I found Ayurveda, essential oils, and herbal supplementation. I found the unbound world of holistic healing. A world I’ve committed myself to learning and teaching to anyone, who in Dr. Joe’s interview about Homeopathy, “is preselected for their open-mindedness”.

I started with an online course in Complementary and Integrative Medicine, I stumbled upon Dr Josh Axe and the Essential Oil Institute, which then brought me to you. Being set in Windsor, with a family and career based here, there’s no chance for me travel back and forth to Toronto. Online is the only way to pursue my dreams for now.

I was wracking my brain in search of the perfect holistic program, which will allow me to start a practice in my home town, to teach everyone I encounter about the greatness of natural, self healing.

I’m an eager learner. I am devoted and dedicated to pursuing an alternative health approach to wellness. I’ve spent 8 years in western medicine, nursing patients under a doctor’s thumb, knowing there is a better way for my patients. I’m watching my parents pop pills to “heal” ailments because their doctor says it’s the only way. I have many friends and family members suffering from mental illness, not know that if you heal the gut, you’ll heal your brain and body.

My pursuit is wellness. My search is Homeopathy. I choose you, CCHM.

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