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  • “I absolutely loved my time there studying, some of the most enjoyable time of my life. The kindness and generosity extended to everyone has always stuck with me”

  • "I sooo enjoyed Kim's class. He took a dry insipid subject and made it very very interesting. He is a wonderful teacher. I enjoyed it a lot and I will have to review it a few times to catch all the little pearls he shared. Thank you again for the wonderful class. Sincerely, Cristina."

  • After the abrupt closure of the prospective program in homeopathic studies that was to be offered at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, I wanted to spread some light for this school, that has done the same for me each and everyday. Though that program was pulled, and without real reason...
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  • Thank you for this most exceptional experience (as I wipe my tears..). I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for this privilege to study with such exceptional teachers, students and administration. What a gift and a blessing. As Voltaire said “with great privilege comes great responsibility”. I...
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  • It's a privilege to be part of CCHM and study the amazing program you offer. I have received a great benefit from my studies, from the comfort of my own home, at my own pace. I have nothing but great things to say about your school and all your staff.

  • I am loving this program! I've always dreamed of being a Homeopath and CCHM is making my dream come true. I have enjoyed every module so far and working with my mentor, Jude, has been such a delight. Every time I call the office for help, there is always somebody there...
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  • This Acute role play course was such a great learning experience and also a lot of fun! The actors were playing their patient roles so well.  And the learning experience is not over for me because I took a lot of notes for every case and after submitting my own...
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  • "I am loving the classes and the clinical was amazing! I have so much to learn! But I am so in alignment with my soul's path! I am so happy to be here!"

  • Hello, I wanted to say how much I loved Joan Weirs class. After spending the day with her my perspective was changed for the better. We need more Joan Weir through out our 3 year course, especially when trying to keep yourself together during 2nd and 3rd year. Also, today's...
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My Journey Through 1st Year at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine

Ellie O., First Year Student 2017-2018

As a First year student in Homeopathy, I feel that it is my responsibility, to not only learn from my professors, but to educate myself further within and beyond this knowledge. The wisdom, and understanding of Homeopathy is shared within the CCHM classroom, through lectures, clinical practice, and enriching conversations. Our professors are practitioners who are passionate about what they do, and each student is thirsty for the most profound depth of understanding that we can obtain and further nurture.

The professors at CCHM are Homeopaths who care about their clients, who work diligently to ensure that their students' and clients' experience with homeopathy leaves them with positive outcomes, and a restoration to a state of well-being.

As a first year student at CCHM, I feel honoured to have been accepted to study in the homeopathy and health sciences program, and through the past year I have been given a gift that goes beyond the knowledge that is taught in class.

 I have had a wonderful experience attending the lectures, and being instructed by various professors who provide the highest quality of education that one could seek out in this field of study. Through their passion, and inspiration to share knowledge from their practice, CCHM lecturers warmly open to their students a sense of community.

As a student, I was from the very beginning, welcomed by both the CCHM professors as well as the administrative personnel. They have consistently helped me along my journey and through my education, being a supportive network when I went through various adverse life events and experiences.

Studying at CCHM, means that you will be embraced for who you are, where you come from, regardless of your age, your background, individual beliefs, gender identities, or educational background; you will be accepted, respected, and truly cherished for you diversity and uniqueness by both your professors and classmates.

Though I have had positive past experiences at various educational institutions, never have I felt such a sense of community, and a place where I feel I am safe to speak, to learn, and to grow as I walk my own journey towards becoming a homeopathic practitioner.

Each lecture ignites the spark within you. The desire to continue to learn and discover is nurtured through our educators, who are highly knowledgeable and passionate professors. The administrative personnel will always go above and beyond to ensure that your experience at CCHM is nothing but positive. 

To speak so highly of an education institution brings about such joy within me. It brings me such happiness to reflect upon my first year, as it draws to a close. It has been a year where I have learned immensely about homeopathy, myself, others, and also how to be the best possible homeopath that I can be in clinical practice, and beyond graduation.

When you enter the Davisville campus, where you first begin your journey at CCHM, in meeting with the administrative personnel, you will be welcomed with the warmest of smiles, and acceptance. Through my personal experience, I can say without a doubt that you will leave with a feeling and sense of connection and fulfillment; you will feel that before you that there is a path where the sun will shine upon you as you study and learn at a school that is much more than just an educational experience. It is a school where you will become a part of a family, a community, a place that for me feels like a second home.

I have been shown great kindness, and compassion from my professors, the administrative team, as well as from each and every one of my classmates. Unlike many other educational institutions, where I have felt like just a student, without even a name, but rather just a number, a number we do not even choose. At CCHM I am known by my name, I am known for who I am, and in this school I have always felt safe to be myself, even when the world around me has taught me to hold many fears. There have been many times in the past when I have felt labelled and judged for my diversity, but here at CCHM we are embraced for our unique and individual strengths and weaknesses. It is a place where we may choose to grow as an individual, as well as a student, and all aspects of our lives are graciously touched.

In just one year, my entire life has been enriched, and in sharing a small part of my journey, I hope to touch the heart of even one prospective student, who is looking for a school that will support them from start to finish--even into the years far beyond when you begin your own career as a Homeopath.

I have had many experiences throughout the past year that left me feeling vulnerable, experiences by which I was supported emotionally, through the practice of homeopathy.

Though there were times this year when I would have said that I was the most unlucky individual in my life outside of school, these adverse experiences showed me what CCHM really is. I was shown that I was not just a number, I was a person, and a student who was a part of their community. This community that helps to support, and to protect its own, and because of this genuine compassion that I was shown, I overcame many barriers and was given courage to pursue my studies against all odds.

Not long into my studies, again I had an experience where I thought my luck could not possibly be any worse, and I again was shown great kindness and immediate support to assist me through this ailment, where I met a third year student, who took my case and who went above and beyond to support me as my body fought to re-find its equilibrium. This was my first experience as a patient at CCHM, where I was given the most similar remedy, and through which I overcame the adverse effects of an unforeseeable concussion, that, without homeopathy, I feel would have left me debilitated for a long period of time. Not only was I supported through the educational community, but also through this student practitioner who provided me with the optimal care, care that showed great compassion, great kindness, and true dedication to her work and her practice.

Though I could have missed a few lectures due to this concussion, and it was stated that it was more than understandable for me to do so, I did not want to miss my lectures. As a student in previous institutions, both of large scale and equal scale of students to CCHM, I never felt so inspired to attend each and every lecture that I could, even in my state of well being. My experience here, in just one year of studies has been much more than I could have even imagined, and each month I await for the weekends to come where I have class, and by choice I would attend and give it my best efforts to learn and to grow and to go out and to nurture what it is that each person in this school has brought into my life: be it my professors, the administrative staff, or my classmates. I have had an experience that has changed my life, and I take each step with such enthusiasm in my heart, and I chase after a dream that I hold, and as I study here. I don’t just think that this is a possibility, but now I know that this is my reality.

As a student I have been embraced, and this has fostered within me every bit of determination that I have to succeed, and to go above and beyond my own innate beliefs of my abilities, for here I have been shown through many ways of who I am, the strengths that I hold, and how my diversity and unique life path will enrich not only my journey, but also how I practice, how I study, and how I interact with all who cross my path.

This separates CCHM from any other school, for here you will be unconditionally supported, to reach the goals and dreams you have expressed and shared. Throughout your studies you will meet people from all walks of life. These people, who are unique and from many different backgrounds of study and culture, come together to form a beautiful patchwork landscape of abundant colours, and of pure, joyous energy that helps you to learn and expand your knowledge of homeopathy, well beyond what you could have imagined.

 I could write an entire book about this institution, a book that would encompass compassion, gratitude, kindness, hope, caring, and the list continues on. In just one year, I have been given such a gift, a light and an energy that is continuously nurtured, and embraced, and I would without hesitation recommend CCHM as an educational institution to any individual looking to pursue studies in Homeopathy.

To conclude what I have written, I will leave it with another moment in my studies that made CCHM shine brightly, and which demonstrates the community that this school truly is. During this year I lost someone whom was my greatest hero, my best friend and my guide, a woman who lived a long and fulfilled life, and who stood supportively beside me in everything that I chose to pursue. In this moment of grief, I was given a gift of comfort, a gift that came from a place of compassion, and which honoured the woman that I lost. CCHM in this moment helped me to move forward, and to continue my studies as they gave me a sign from my loved one that I was home, where I belonged, and that I was living out my dreams and chasing my goals, and in this moment I knew that I had found my place in this world, the place I can call home.

After the abrupt closure of the prospective program in homeopathic studies that was to be offered at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, I wanted to spread some light for this school, that has done the same for me each and everyday. Though that program was pulled, and without real reason to do so, there is still a place you can come to study, a wonderful school, where I can only hope that your experience will be as great as mine. To the prospective students of that program, which has been removed, do not let go of your dream, or your interest to further broaden your understanding of homeopathy, for there is a school that you too can call home.

That school is CCHM, and it is an experience of a lifetime, one that will enrich your life in ways that you perhaps did not expect from an education, but this place and these people they make your experience truly unique, and completely illuminating.

I could not have made a better decision, than the one I made the day that I became a part of this beautiful and devoted community. Thank you to all who have been a part of my journey so far at CCHM, my life has been forever and profoundly enriched.

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