My Journey to Homeopathy

From Heidi B., Whistler, BC


My path to homeopathy began when my first son was a year old. I was visiting my sister in Montana and telling her my challenges; how exhausted I was from the constant night wakings, angry mood and high sensitivity.  She suggested we visit Dr. Mark Janikula, a local homeopath, whom she had been seeing for a few months.  I was eager to try for several reasons; I had an interest in the health field, I had experienced stress and fear when dealing with the allopathic medicine system and I was feeling desperate to get sleep and have a content child!


Right from the initial consult, even before we were prescribed a remedy, I began to feel a level of support and care I had not experienced before. The non judgemental attitude of the homeopath, the insightful questions that allowed me to start to view my son (and myself) on a deeper level and the feeling of complete acceptance was life changing for me. I worked with Dr. Janikula for 9 years, mainly over the phone as I live in B.C. Canada. I believe the process of working with Dr. Janikula over the phone taught me to understand and provide him with the information he was looking for. To me this was the start of my journey to becoming a homeopath.


I saw time and again the power of this healing art and science and my interest continued to grow. With homeopathy my children overcame a brain bleed, enlarged brain ventricle, vaccine injury, food allergies, eczema, broken bones and concussions. Homeopathy has also supported us in healing and managing chicken pox, colds and flus, asthma, depression and past emotional and physical traumas.


I stopped working with Dr Janikula when he moved from Montana as I felt the time was right to employ a local homeopath that my family and I could meet with in person.  Shortly thereafter I met Piper Martin and quickly realized what a gifted classical homeopath she was with over 20 years of experience.  She began  as my homeopath but after a short time I became clear I wanted to begin to pursue practicing homeopathy, or at the very least, learning much more about it. I began to study with her in March of 2017. With no homeopathy school in B.C. and my desire to learn by doing, this was an exciting opportunity for me.


We met one to two times a week and I began learning the principles and concepts of homeopathy.  We discussed the materia medica, reviewed cases Piper was working on, and discussed like cures like, dosing, remedy selection, rubrics, posology and more.  I am really enjoying studying homeopathy and I now feel CCHMs distance program will provide me with the complete education I desire while allowing me to work toward becoming a licensed homeopath.


As for my formal education, I completed a Bachelor of General Studies Degree at Simon Fraser University, a Health and Fitness Certificate from SFU and a 2nd Year Liberal Arts Program in Nice, France. The focus of my studies were in Kinesiology and Psychology where I completed courses in nutrition, anatomy and more.  Since University I have had different careers, yet my interest in health has always been present.  Whether in a first aid setting as a ski patroller, health club employee, ambulance volunteer or as a mother researching nutrition and alternative health to support my family, I have always been drawn to learning about the human body as well as the human condition. I now  see how  my passion for learning about human emotions, the body and our experiences are synchronistically met within the field of homeopathy. Finally, I had been holding a great deal of fear from my experiences with illness, injury, birth and the allopathic system.  I have no doubt it is homeopathy that supports me in transmuting these fears.


My other love is photography.  I had a career as a camera assistant and set stills photographer in the film industry. While I love photography and it will continue to be a craft I enjoy, I have realized that at 45 I want to become a Homeopath.  I believe a career as a homeopath will allow me to continue to be present for my family the way I need to as well as allowing me to serve my larger community which I feel drawn to do at this time.


In conclusion, I believe homeopathy will enable me to be a conduit of healing for my family and community, to draw on my intuition, to witness people on a deeper level without judgement and to feel a purpose much larger than myself.

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